The first order of business for us is to build trust. Build a program, not an organization. And also to build a family. Want to lose ourselves to each other. You don’t hear this a lot in NBA locker rooms, but we have to love. We have to nurture. We have to teach.

Bringing passion, connecting to the city, is the most important thing. Building young men of character, because if you have young men of character, the ball will move on its own. Everything outside of basketball is the initial business. It will eventually bleed into the basketball, become basketball, create a movement, create a family.

We have to love the process, embrace the process and be a part of the journey. And at the same time uplift. Coach Wooden taught me belief is stronger than reality. If we believe and if we create a movement, anything is possible.


“It’s pretty simple, we didn’t play the type of game we needed to play to win. It doesn’t matter who it is – it could be the Lakers or Golden State or anybody else. If you don’t play like you’re supposed to, and you don’t play the right way by moving the basketball, playing unselfishly, you’re going to have a tough time beating any team.”


I’m just trying to demand that they do it the right way.

Why wouldn’t you do what we’re teaching? Why are you trying to break off? And then when they do the same thing three times, then I get a little more aggressive. Obviously you’re not hearing me so I’m gonna say this louder and a little bit closer to your face, so you hear what I’m saying.  We’ve got to do some soul searching, individuals and as a staff. We’ve got to keep looking at ways we can help this team get better and demand more and more winning plays.