After a road loss to Illinois:

I thought the players did not bring what they needed to bring.


I want to play the right way and I want to help my team win. I always challenge myself. I want to do better, score more, rebound more, do a lot of stuff more, but at the end of the day I want to make plays to impact winning.


Derrick Rose on running the triangle offense:

S–t, do I have a choice? Do I have a choice? I just want to win games. Winning takes care of every category for an athlete.  I still don’t have the feeling yet of the entire offense, but I pick and choose while I’m out there. You think, ‘Don’t F’ up the game.’ That’s a great way to put it. Just don’t mess up the game and looking at a lot of film, you learn. That’s what great players do. I believe that I’m great. Great players find a way no matter what situation they’re put in.


After shooting 5-22 from the floor against the Bulls:

“There were a lot of shots that were on line, just long, didn’t go in. But it’s nothing to worry about. Just had a bad shooting game. Just move on.”


Sacramento Kings head coach Dave Joerger after their loss to the Nets:

“We didn’t come out with enough force to start the game. They physically just kind of manhandled us around the perimeter of the floor. We ended up dribbling too much. We just have to get stronger with the basketball.”


Following a road loss to Illinois:

“The players did not bring what they needed to bring. It was not the focus that it needs to win on the road against a good team.  We’ve got to coach them better. We’ve got to coach them harder. We’ve got to do a better job. We didn’t guard as well. We took some bad shots.


After a home loss to the Denver Nuggets:

“In our locker room right now, we don’t understand the urgency — we’re young — of what we’re fighting for and that’s a playoff spot. This is growing pains. This is something we have to go through, the process of understanding we don’t have that many games left. And our energy and effort has to be high.”

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