“Just play hard. Just compete. Playing with an edge, it’s not necessarily about the record. It’s about having pride in yourself. Don’t go out just moseying around and they are out here manhandling us. It’s about going out there with heart and having pride and taking pride in who you are. It’s a blessing and an honor to step on this court every game so don’t come out here and take it for granted. I don’t believe in taking this game for granted.”


“I just have to stay positive and support my teammates and be a good teammate. At this point, that’s all I can do, so it’s very important to go and get extra work in and stay focused. It’s been [tougher] lately, obviously. Honestly, it’s motivating me. It helps me kind of smooth over everything that’s been going on, and helps me stay strong mentally.”


“This program, this culture is about high-character guys. A lot of guys that have been here love the family. I think that’s the reason why a lot of guys are able to stay around so long, because we genuinely love each other, we love the program, we love playing Villanova basketball. I don’t think it’s anything like Coach Wright has against anybody that could be a one-and-done. It’s nothing like that. We just recruit high-quality guys, guys who love the program, love the culture.”