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On his NBA pre-draft workouts:

“Michigan State’s done a great job preparing me for this.”


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On what he looks for in players:

I love guys that play hard every night, and that may sound very simple, but playing hard is a skill in the NBA, and people don’t realize that. We look at shooting, or passing, and rebounding, as skills. The ability to play hard every night as an individual and as a team is very very important. So, I want guys that take that to heart and bring the effort every night. I don’t want to have to sit there and have to motivate you 82 nights a year. I don’t want to have to sit there and hope you’re going to show up and play hard. I want to know every night, whether you’re going to make or miss a shot, I know for a fact that you’re going to bring your A-game and you’re going to give great effort. So, I love guys that work hard.

“I love unselfish guys. Guys that are willing to give up their body. Guys that are willing to make plays for their teammates. Unselfish. I think that does a lot for team chemistry. Nothing really eats away at team chemistry, and unity, than selfishness – guys that look people off and shoot the ball, and take bad shots. That divides a team so quickly, and I don’t want that on our team.

“Hardworkers. I want guys that are tough. Not only physically tough, but also mentally tough. Can we go on the road and win a game in overtime, when all the odds are stacked against us? Toughness. A lot of times, even when I was recruiting in college, I would prefer a tougher guy than a guy who may be more skilled because I know that guy is going to allow us to win some games when the going gets tough. And those guys are worth a lot in the NBA.

“And you always like guys that have a high basketball IQ. Guys that know the game, have a feel for the game, and are able to pick things up quickly. I like guys that play with a passion, to be real simple, that love the game of basketball, and go out every night and play with a passion. Because I think the fans can relate to that, and that they are very proud of a team that goes out there and plays hard and plays with a passion that they should.”


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“I was always studious. I was always good in school. I knew how to study. I knew how to remember stuff. I knew how to prepare. So you apply the same things to basketball. After a while, it’s natural. This is what I love to do. I love to watch it. I’m always around it. You see it millions of times.”


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Assistant coach, Golden State Warriors:

“When we don’t do stupid [expletive], we’re really [expletive] good. We feel like when we do what we do, with a focus and a discipline, there’s not a lot of teams that can beat us. The issue is that it’s just not that simple, where if you’re focused you’ll win, because at the same time we want our guys running and playing fast and Steph [Curry] and Klay [Thompson] being gunslingers. We want that, but with a fine line of, when that’s not there, recognize it and get into a motion offense, where we’re constantly putting pressure on the defense. You get 20,000 screaming fans, and they love the behind-the-back pass and all that stuff. So it’s not as simple as it sounds, but … that’s kind of the blueprint we see for our guys being able to win a championship.”


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After losing to Golden State 108-100 in Game 1 of the NBA finals:

“We all have to be better. I don’t think I was great. I’ve got to do better things out on the floor to help us be more precise offensively … It’s not about me. It’s not about the next guy. It’s about all of us.”


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On a few college players at the PHX Suns Pre-draft workout:

“Sometimes you go to these workouts and guys just want to show, ‘hey, what can I do? I want to show the coaches or I want to show the GM what I can do.’ These guys just want to play basketball. They played the right way, moved the ball. They competed against each other, they didn’t care who made what in terms of scoring, they just wanted to win, and that’s the type of players you’re looking for.”


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When I am recruiting a young man to play at Davidson, I look at so much more than talent and athleticism.

How does he act when he comes out of the game?

Does he walk to the bench or run?

Does he mope or high five his teammates

When he is in the game, does he want to take big shots?

Does he dive on the floor for loose balls?

How is his body language when being coached?

Is he an eye roller?

Is he a shoulder shrugger?

These things tell me whether or not he has the character and coachability to play college basketball.


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