Women’s head coach at Dayton:

“Part of our university philosophy is to lead and serve. We’ve always preached family here — being bigger than an individual. I try to recruit good kids who can play, but I like being around people who I can trust. They all work at it. They are good students. We have doctors and engineers and teachers doing great things. We have a number of professional basketball players out there.”


From his college coach Steve Fisher:

“If you’re around him like we were for two years, you saw the work ethic that he had and the competitiveness to where you knew that he was going to continue to get better.”

“I’ve never had a guy work the way he does when nobody is watching. He just wants to get in the gym, doesn’t want anybody to know. But he wants to be in that gym 24-7. And he’s in there to work on his game. He doesn’t just put in time. He’s working.”

“He truly is someone that has a fierce desire to get better. He’s going to be one who will not come in and be satisfied to sign a contract, then get another contract, be messing with the money. He’s going to want to be very good.”

PTRW #900 DeMarre Carroll

“My main focus in these playoffs is keying in on defense. I’ve got to stop Joe (Johnson). I can’t let him get going. The rest will take care of itself.”

“My whole motto, my whole mindset throughout my life is someone can have it worse than you.” 

From Lionel Hollins:

“He was an energy guy, flying all over the court. But he was young and immature. A lot of guys come into the league with a higher opinion of themselves and expecting a bigger role. It takes time.”

From teammate Kyle Korver:

“There are a few guys in the NBA where you’re like, `Man, that guy’s got so much in the tank. If he could just be untapped’. He’s always been a guy who just wants to go out there and hoop, ball, play hard, get offensive rebounds, a one-man, full-court press. That’s been his mantra his whole life. But he came here and learned fundamentals, too.”


“It’s like a company. You have your sanitation workers. You’ve got your janitors. You’ve got your CEOs. You’ve got your secretaries. I don’t mind being the clean-up guy, punching the clock and doing all the little things. I’ll be a janitor forever. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their place in the factory. I don’t mind doing the little things. If that’s what it takes to be great, so be it.”