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“I’ve never seen a guy with his stature be as humble and have it come so easy,” Michigan State associate head coach Dwayne Stephens said. “Some guys have that humbleness about them, but it’s a chore. They have to work at it. For him, it’s just who he is. He treats people the right way. He’s polite. He never changes.”




LeBron James, 33 years-old, picked up a triple-double last night against the Suns. 28-13-11.


Oscar Robertson (181)

Magic Johnson (138)

Jason Kidd (107)

Russell Westbrook (100)

Wilt Chamberlain (78)

LeBron (69)

“I think I was just playing in all three facets and more. I was able to get a charge as well, pick up a couple blocks, couple steals. It’s just being around the court and being reliable to my teammates. For me to be able to clean glass and get my guys good looks where they were able to just catch and shoot or catch and lay it up, it made it a lot easier for me, for sure. With the scoring, I just tried to be aggressive and got to the free throw line tonight and was able to knock those down too.”


For the first time in 8 years I am not coaching in the State tournament. Matter of fact, it’s the first time since 2003 I am without a team.

Feels a little weird.  But with all this basketball around me, I’m good.


I have been spending a lot of time watching college basketball on television. Everywhere you look there’s a game. I even spent time watching the UConn’s women’s team. They’re fun to watch.

My time has also been spent observing the Michigan State Spartans men’s basketball team.  I was able to watch them at 9AM on Tuesday.  It was the first time they took the floor as a team after losing to Michigan in the Big Ten semi-finals; the spirit, energy and juice were all visible.

MSU might have lost a game, but that doesn’t mean their goal of wining the national championship is gone.

Keep an eye on the Spartans when the tournament begins in about 10 days.

As for the high school game; have I missed it?  Sure.  Tonight I am hitting the road to watch Jackson take on the CAAC Blue champions, Okemos in a district semi-finals game.  Both teams are well coached and play hard.

Always Play the Right Way,



One week ago, on a Sunday afternoon at around 3:30 PM, I resigned my position as boys varsity basketball coach at East Lansing High School.

It happened in a meeting discussing my suspension. (Just five days earlier I was placed on suspension by the athletic director for insubordination)

Me and Malik

The athletic director, high school principal (who has a son on the team) and superintendent of East Lansing schools were all present.  It was a productive meeting. Lasted a little under 60 minutes. I was a bit disappointed that my wife of 23 years was not allowed to sit in with us.

It was a tough decision to walk away.  For starters we still had two games remaining in the regular season and then there was the playoffs.  Our record was 15-2, good for first place in the conference.  Actually, I take that back.  The record was 15-3. During my suspension I missed the biggest game of the year; last regular season conference game vs Okemos.  Regular season championship on the line. We were both tied for first.

I didn’t get to coach in that game.

We lost.

I had numerous people tell me that “if you coached, you guys would have won.”

Over my 8 years at East Lansing I realized one thing; it doesn’t matter how many games you win.

So many people have reached out to see how I am feeling.  The local newspaper wrote about my departure.  Social media was on fire for a bit; but as time passes, mention of my resignation cools down.

East Lansing basketball will be fine without me.

Was I perfect? Of course not. Not even close to perfection. Who is?

I pushed players. Confronted them and demanded their best. Held them accountable.  Did people disagree with my decisions? Of course they did.  Those certified critics told me to my face, they e-mailed and spoke behind my back. Most of the time it was over playing time for their son.

But honestly, I’m good…Seriously. I have never felt better.

I’ve spent the past couple of nights watching the Big Ten men’s basketball tournament.  They are playing it in New York City, Madison Square Garden – the mecca. Or as the late John Condon would say, “The world’s most famous arena.”

Earlier in the week I spent two days at Michigan State University watching the Spartans men’s basketball team practice.  I loved the energy, the spirit and cohesiveness MSU showed; from the players, coaches and managers.

It was clear; the players care about each other.

Special thanks to Coach Izzo, Dane Fife, Mike Garland and Dwayne Stephens for welcoming me with open arms. These guys have been amazing.

Today on CBS at 2:00 PM Michigan State will take on Michigan in the Big Ten semi-finals.  The Wolverines beat the Spartans in their only meeting this year; that game was played in East Lansing. (Big Ten schedule makers need to schedule these two schools twice in a season).

I appreciate everyone who has reached out;  You’re aces.  I’m going to continue to love the game of basketball.  My passion for the game will never go away.  I will always have the spirit and enthusiasm. Outsiders and especially the haters, will never steal my joy.  Matter of fact, I have started the process on writing a book; a book about my experience in the game, it’s sort of like what St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny published (The Matheny Manifesto). A memoir and keys to success.

It’s my duty to promote the game of basketball. It’s my job to make sure the game is being played the right way, both on and off the court.  Whether I am coaching a team or not.

Always Play the Right Way,

Coach Finamore


The Daily LeBron

Thursday, February 8, 2018

We’ve just got to keep pushing and stay positive. For me, I am staying positive and just trying to figure out ways we can get better, what units work well for us on the floor, how we can be more productive, how we can pick someone up when they’re struggling. It’s been tough because we have a few guys that have been struggling as of late.

It’s no time to throw shade about our season. We’ve got to continue to be positive and continue to push forward. We’ve got quite a few games left, and if we’re still serious about the season, then we’ve got to play good ball at some point.

We’ve just got to keep pushing. Stay positive, keep pushing, try to get better, and that’s where it’s at. That’s where it’s at for me.

We’ve got to come out with the right gameplan. We’ve got to come out with a sense of urgency, and we’ve got to play the game the right way and try to sustain some good basketball for 48 minutes.