On his team:

“These guys are really good basketball players because they’re not positional.  If you’re positional, you usually get anxious to touch the ball to score because you don’t know how many times you’re going to touch it. But when it’s position-less, you’re touching the ball and you’re [just] playing basketball — and that’s our team this year. So the ball finds the best shot. And they like that. Because they’re basketball players. And their futures will be fine whether they average 18 or 14. So that helps us — and the fact that we have four guys who can bring the ball up the court on a defensive rebound or a steal.”


We are exactly two weeks away from the start of high school basketball here in the State of Michigan.  I begin my first season as boys varsity head basketball coach at Lansing Sexton High School.  So excited for this new chapter in my coaching journey.  Here I am with former Big Reds guard, Bryn Forbes.  We will play with energy. Defend. Rebound and share the ball.  It’s going to be about the team…

Me and Bryn


BJ Armstrong…

As an underclassman without a driver’s license, Armstrong would get dropped off by his parents in the morning, long before school started, and would get picked up after his parents got off work, long after school ended. Those are the experiences he remembers the most — all the times he would shoot around in the gym alone, or play pick-up games with his friends.

He still remembers the little details, of how the janitors would be nice enough to let him into the gym before school, and how he’d arrive to class sweaty from playing basketball.

“That was my life. I just thought it was normal. I didn’t know. It was always centered around basketball,” said Armstrong, who played at Brother Rice from 1981-85. “I would just go in there and shoot. Play basketball either by myself or with my friends.”