They mean nothing at this time of year. High School. College and NBA. It’s all about improvement. Get better each day. Compete. Be a great teammate. Do the right thing. Enjoyable and productive. Dig down. Always PLAY THE RIGHT WAY.

2010-11 U Conn Huskies – Unranked. Picked 10th pre-season in Big East

All they did was go out and win the NCAA championship…



Our guys are locked in and really trying, Again, we can play some pretty ugly basketball at times, but I do think we’re competing, which is really good. We’re more focused on understanding that you have to do your job well and if you do it, you have a chance.

This league will humble you pretty quickly, so there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so we just have to keep preparing the right way.


At the high school level, trying out for your team can be stressful.

As a coach, it’s much more stressful when you have to make the cuts.

This week at East Lansing High School we have started the 2017-18 season.

25 players have tried out for our varsity team. Close to 40 have tried out for our freshman team.

Here are a few tip to give yourself a chance to make team:

To start, make sure you get to the gym early. (Be the last to leave, stay after and get more shots up, that will impress the coach) Get changed, stretch out and get some shots up before the try-out.

Being fundamentally sound will give you a greater chance of making your team than being flashy. Sharing the ball, moving without the ball, screening and rebounding are four qualities that get players noticed.

Playing tough defense, hustling, going after loose balls, and playing with energy are areas in the game that can separate you from others.

Play with confidence.

If you are a post player, make sure to stay inside and look to score from the blocks. Don’t try to impress the coach with outside shooting. Coaches are always looking for inside scoring.

If you are a perimeter player, make sure to pass the ball. Look for your shot but be unselfish. Run the floor hard in transition. When handling the ball, don’t dribble too much. Don’t go behind your back or through your legs. Keep it simple.

Don’t be intimidated by players who were on the team last season. Don’t be afraid of being a role player. Do the little thing, you will stand out. Coaches are always looking for players who will do anything to help the team win.

Work ethic, hustle, energy, defense, and a great attitude will impress the coach.

Good luck.

I hope this helps.

Coach Finamore