“I’m not one of those guys that can turn it on or turn it off. It’s going to be good nights and bad nights. I just want to keep the same intensity level and try to do what I can for my team. There are certain ways you talk to your teammates. Sometimes you have to get after them. Sometimes you have to encourage them. I just try to enlighten them and let them know I’m with them.”

A Western Conference scout said there’s a noticeable difference between how Durant is approaching his initial games without Westbrook the past few days. “He thought he needed to win games by scoring every point last year after Westbrook got hurt, but that made them easier to key on, although scoring is what Durant does easily. You can just watch how he brings the ball up the court. You can see he’s looking to make plays. His passes are like lasers. He’s pointing out openings and is directing guys. He’s seeing plays develop.”

“Kevin is one of the best players in the world. That’s not an earth-shattering statement there. I don’t think I have to explain the confidence he has in himself, but he has confidence in his teammates. He loves competing and he loves inspiring his teammates. He could probably score 35, 40 points every night on demand. But he wants to share the ball, he wants to defend, he wants to rebound.”
-Scott Brooks

“He’s continuing to evolve in terms of his all-around play — not just leading the league in scoring, but defending, facilitating, rebounding, being a leader, everything you need and want your best player to be. Kevin is one of those guys. He’s a quieter spirit. He’s not a guy that thumps his chest a lot and wants everybody to even notice what he’s doing.”
-Derek Fisher


“You don’t make kids tough, you recruit tough kids. That’s the bottom line. That shows up on game day. That shows up in the classroom. It shows up after school when these young men are successful. Toughness is the underlying factor because they don’t falter when games get tough. They don’t falter when life gets tough. They’re tough, intelligent kids that can be successful.”


“I don’t buy into this idea of tanking and teams who quit when things don’t go their way. To me, that’s what is bad about the NBA. Guys are still getting paid, guys are still getting shoe contract money, all those things are still in play. So when things don’t go your way, you can’t tuck tail and run. And we just don’t bring in guys who are susceptible to that. We have competitive guys on our team who have a lot of pride. That’s why we bring in character guys, so that when you have those situations, they’re going to do the right thing.”