Saturday, December 17, 2016

Big road, conference win last night for the East Lansing Trojans. 59-53 over the Vikings of Everett.

Brandon “Human Eraser” Johns was unreal. 15 points, 8 rebounds and 7 blocks. This, in front of Michigan head coach John Beilein.


We are on that NBA schedule. Tonight we travel to Grand Rapids for a non-conference game to take on Ottawa Hills.

4-0 on the season, 2-0 in the CAAC Blue.  The Trojans have now won 19 straight conference games.

Happy Holidays

Coach Finamore


That’s right. You want to excel in basketball, well then there’s never an off-season.

I’m not saying you have to play ball 24-7-365. No sir. I am saying you have to work on your game as much as possible. Take some time to rest. That’s okay.

With the beginning of July, Travel Team basketball is upon us. High school basketball players will be traveling around the country competing against each other. College players are in the gym working out. Open gym at night. And the NBA players, well summer league is right around the corner.

Last month high school teams played in summer leagues and attended team camps. Our team at East Lansing played 11 summer league games and attended two team camps. We also squeezed in three practices.

If you want to get better, there’s never an off-season…


“Everybody thinks that it’s supposed to come from somebody else other than what’s inside of the guys doing the job. It doesn’t matter what I said. As a player, you have to decide this means as much to you as anything in life because it’s what you’ve chosen to do.”

“They are adult men and professional athletes” who must “hold themselves accountable to a certain standard.”


The first order of business for us is to build trust. Build a program, not an organization. And also to build a family. Want to lose ourselves to each other. You don’t hear this a lot in NBA locker rooms, but we have to love. We have to nurture. We have to teach.

Bringing passion, connecting to the city, is the most important thing. Building young men of character, because if you have young men of character, the ball will move on its own. Everything outside of basketball is the initial business. It will eventually bleed into the basketball, become basketball, create a movement, create a family.

We have to love the process, embrace the process and be a part of the journey. And at the same time uplift. Coach Wooden taught me belief is stronger than reality. If we believe and if we create a movement, anything is possible.


“I never aimed for the money. Before I came to the NBA last [season], per year, I would have made more going to China than on my Miami Heat contract. If I went, I might have just stayed in China. I wasn’t chasing the dollars, though. I was chasing the dream of becoming an amazing NBA player. All of that comes, obviously. The contract, the fame. Even before I knew anything about money, I was a little kid and I didn’t know how much these players made. I wanted that – to be on TV, to have people looking up to me.

23 AND OH…

The Golden State Warriors won their 23rd straight regular season game last night beating the Indiana Pacers, 131-123

Klay Thompson led the way with 39 points.

The Warriors shot 54% from the field. (16-36 from distance).

Sharing the ball is a staple of Golden State’s success, they recorded 29 assists on 52 made baskets.

Steph Curry scored 29 points and handed out 10 assists.

Andrew Bogut pulled down 10 rebounds.

The defending NBA champions have won 27 straight dating to last spring, tying the Miami Heat record set back in 2012-13 for the second longest streak in NBA history. The 1971-72 Lakers hold the record with 33 wins in a row.

The Warriors have also won 13 straight road games, breaking a tie with the 1969-70 New York Knicks for the league’s best road start.

Next up for the Warriors is the Boston Celtics on Friday.