Happy birthday to the “Kangaroo Kid.”

The Brooklyn, New York native played his high school ball at Erasmus Hall.

Read a great passage from the book “Foul” by David Wolf:  Connie Hawkins and his friends would go to Manhattan Beach to play ball.  One day they see a kid on the side basket shooting lay-ups with his father.  Hawk said “we thought that it was funny seeing a big kid playing with his dad.”

That kid turned out to be Billy Cunningham.

Cunningham would go on to play his college ball at the University of North Carolina.   His pro career consisted of 9 years in Philadelphia with the Sixers and 2 years in the ABA with the Carolina Cougars.

Won a championship as a player and a coach.


Billy C


“When Wes came to the Bullets, my scoring average jumped from 14 to 22, all because of him.  He could grab a rebound and throw it all the way downcourt before it hit the ground.  All of a sudden I became Paul Warfield – a wide receiver catching passes ahead of the field.”

-Kevin Loughery on Wes Unseld

Sad news from the world of basketball.  Wes Unseld has passed away.

The Lousiville graduate was a tough player who rebounded, defended, screened, threw outstanding outlet passes and spent his entire career with one organization.

Unseld played 13 years in the NBA.  2nd overall pick in 1968 by the Baltimore Bullets.

The 6-7 workhorse was named Rookie of the Year and the Most Valuable Player in 1969. (Only Wilt Chamberlain accomplished that)

Led the Bullets to the finals 4 different times.  Won it all in 1978 where he was named MVP of the series beating Seattle 4-3.

No question that Wes played the right way.  R.I.P. Big Man…




Just started a new book, “How Sweet It Is” by Jarrett Van Meter.

Jarrett follows 3 teams in Kentucky and writes about their journey to the State tournament.   Such a cool concept.

Fascinating history lesson on Kentucky high school hoops at the start.  “King” Kelly Coleman was an incredible scorer from Wayland High School.  Guy scored 4,337 points in his high school career!  Once scored 68 points in one game.


How Sweet It Is