On Klay Thompson and Steph Curry:

“To watch these guys play and play the game the right way, it’s probably the greatest feeling in the world. They genuinely like each other. They play the game the way it’s supposed to be played, are brilliantly coached by Steve Kerr. He’s done a remarkable job and these guys have really bought into what he’s trying to accomplish.”


On D’Angelo Russell:

“You know I think when some of these guys come in the league, they think they’re entitled and that’s how I felt he thought when he first got with us that he almost tried to act like he was a veteran and I tried to make sure he knew he wasn’t.  You have to earn your stripes, so yeah there were times I was a little tough on him just to bring him down to Earth, let him know that this is not an easy task being in the NBA, that’s the easy part – getting there – the hardest part is to stay there and get better and better and better. So, yeah, I had some tough love for the young man, but just like I told him, when I stop talking to you that’ll be a problem. I had a lot of love for him, he obviously went through some tough times, but I think he’ll be a good player.”