“In 19 years, John Stockton never once lost a suicide drill in practice. Well, there was one day. He was sick. But he still ran it. That’s the important thing.  John didn’t need all the attention that comes with making All-Star teams or getting his name into headlines. He just loved to compete.”


“This is probably what, in the old-school days, training camp was about; competing for spots, competing for minutes, and it gets no better than this right here when you have a lot of guys who can play different positions and in order to get minutes they have to be able to beat out another guy. Over the years, this is what training camp has been about, competing. This training camp will be like years ago where you have guys who have to actually compete for a spot.”


The things that win basketball games are the same. Whether you go to junior high, you know, which I did coach. I coached at junior high, too. So the things you teach will be the same. But the game’s different, and the players are different. But the fundamentals stay the same.