Back in the day Saturday mornings were simple.  Wake up early, eat a bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal, watch cartoons and change into my jeans and sneakers.   I would grab my basketball and head to the boys schoolyard at Holy Name grammar school.   The schoolyard was around the corner from our apartment.  There were 3 full courts.  No nets or chains on the rims.  Half-moon backboards that were hard to slap on a layup.   Along the way I would make sure to dribble the ball;  always working on my handle.


Today, in my mid-50’s, it’s similar, well sort of.   Wake up early, have a bowl of oatmeal, drink a few cups of coffee,  read Twitter, and watch college basketball.

There’s some solid games on television today;  including a Big Ten match-up beginning at 6:00 PM between Maryland and Michigan State.  ESPN’s Game Day is in town (East Lansing, Michigan) so I think I will watch the one hour basketball show at 11:00 AM. (No more cartoons for me)

The Terps are in first place in the Big Ten.  Michigan State is in third, just 1.5 games back.  MSU is coming off a big win at Illinois and Maryland has a 6-game winning streak.

Throughout the day there are good games all over the dial.  Northwestern taking on Penn State at noon will be the first game of the day.  I will also keep an eye on Butler-Georgetown, West Virginia-Baylor, Alabama-LSU and Illinois-Rutgers. If I am not fading, tonight at 10 I will check out Gonzaga, and of course UCLA-Washington.

This year in college basketball its wide open.  I firmly believe at least 30 schools have a chance to get to the Final Four in Atlanta.  It’s going to be an exciting stretch run for many schools.

Shoot your regular shot…