The last few nights I have been thinking long and hard about the 3-point shot.

In a previous blog entry I mentioned Steph Curry’s impact on the game with his 3-point shooting. It’s been game-changing.

Been talking to a few coaches at all levels and getting their feedback. Have had different opinions on what’s a good percentage for a team to shoot.

Let me ask you, what’s a good percentage at the high school, college and pro levels in your eyes?

Last weekend I took in some high school action and noticed the shooting numbers were low for some teams. The girls actually shot it better than the guys. I heard some reasons why the shooting was low; championship game, better defense, huge arena (Breslin Center at Michigan State), nerves on the big stage…

At the Michigan High School championships there were four games for both boys and girls (4 divisions) Here’s what the teams shot from 3-point land:

Girls 39 for 123

Boys 36 for 147

One girls team shot 11 for 28 but lost.

Another girls team shot 0 for 7 and they also lost.

A boys team shot 3 for 6 and won. Matter of fact they won big.

So who knows?

Baylor’s men team led the country in 3-point shooting. They shot it at .413. They made 10 per game during the season. The Bears won the National Championship over Gonzaga. If you watched the championship game you watched an amazing defensive effort by the Bears. They held Gonzaga to a season low 70 points.

Baylor shot 10 for 23 from 3 in the championship. Gonzaga was 5 for 17.

Everyone has a different view when it comes to shooting the 3-ball.

I go back and forth with it; sometimes I like it, sometimes I don’t.

One thing is certain, you have to have confidence when you shoot it and you have to put in the time if you want to become a good shooter. Like Kevin Loughery said back in August of 1970:


-Coach Finamore

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Last night against the Denver Nuggets Steph Curry became the Golden State Warriors all-time leading scorer, passing Wilt Chamberlain.

But here’s the deal. Check out how many games Wilt played, and check out the amount of games Steph has played.

Wilt – 17, 783 points scored in 429 games.

Steph – 17, 818 points in 745 games.

Congrats to Curry.

Speaking of Steph and his points scored, last night ESPN posted a stat that was mind-boggling. How’s this for having an impact on the game since his arrival in the league:

2009-10: Players with 3+ 3-pt field goals made per game: 0. No one in the league made 3 or more 3-point field goals per game. That’s crazy…

Teams with 10+ 3-pt field goals made per game: 1 – that’s another crazy stat.

Fast forward 10 years…

2020-21: Players with 3+ 3-pt field goals made per game: 18

Teams with 10+ 3-pt field goals made per game: 29 (The Cleveland Cavaliers are the only team in the league that doesn’t make 10 or more 3’s per game.)

Boy has the game changed and Steph Curry is the reason.

-Coach Finamore



On Saturday, April 9, 2021, we had four schools in four divisions crowned State champs here in Michigan.

Congratulations to the boys from Detroit Douglas, Grand Blanc, Grand Rapids Catholic Central and Flint Beecher.

Kudos to Mark Uyl and the MHSAA staff for making the basketball season a success.

I took in the Division 2 game between Grand Rapids Catholic Central and Battle Creek Pennfield.

GRCC came out on top, 77-54. They are led by head coach T.J, Meerman, he does an outstanding job with his team.

This was the first high school basketball game I watched live and in-person this season.

I have not been coaching the past two seasons, I realized something very important; boy did I miss it.

Watching the players go up and down with a purpose. Watching the coaches on the sidelines work hard, and seeing the officials give their best effort, made me miss the game that I truly love.

Good luck to the high school players who will be playing travel basketball in the Spring and Summer.

Coach Finamore



Happy birthday Bo Kimble. The Philadelphia, PA. native is 55 today.

Big-time college player at Loyola-Marymount. In 1990 his team scored 122 points per game, they gave up 108… Run-Gun and Have fun…

Keep in mind Bo originally started at U.S.C. and then transferred after 1 year to Loyola.


The Loyola Ramblers assistant coach has been named head coach – taking the place of Porter Moser who has moved on to the University of Oklahoma.

Drew is an outstanding choice. The Lansing, Michigan native possess important traits. 1-Communicates 2-Work ethic 3-Understands culture 4-Outstanding person.

And as a college coach told me, “He’s a winner.”

Good luck Drew…


Congratulations to the Baylor Bears on their National championship over Gonzaga, 86-70.

Baylor’s defense was tough from the start. They share the ball, score it, and most of all, disrupt it on the defensive end. The Zags 70 points was the lowest they scored all season.

Bears head coach Scott Drew has done an outstanding job in Waco.

Scott May, Kent Benson, Quinn Buckner, Tommy Abernethy, Bobby Wilkerson and Coach Knight…all is good.


In the women’s championship game on Sunday night, Stanford beat Arizona 54-53. Haley Jones was named Most Outstanding Player in the tournament.

“I just owe it all to my teammates. They have confidence in me when I don’t have confidence in myself. I’m just so happy to be here with this type of squad. We left it all on the floor.”