“I’m trying to play the right way. Don’t take too many tough shots, find the right guy, make the right pass. Because when you come and play for Quin Snyder, that’s what he’s gonna want. He’s just gonna want you to play the right way.”


Incredible story from Jevon Carter…Must read.  Link to entire story at the bottom

And the treadmill was our punishment if we made a mistake in practice. If your guy was able to dribble to the middle of the court while you were guarding him, you had to get off the court and get on the treadmill and run 18 mph for 45 seconds. Right on the side of the court. Allow an offensive rebound … you’re on the treadmill. Let your guy drive past you. Treadmill. Turn the ball over. Allow an uncontested layup, miss a box out, lag getting back on D … you’re running.

Nobody could avoid the treadmill. And the first treadmill in any given practice … it isn’t too difficult. But the thing is, as soon as your 45 seconds are up, you’re right back in the action — and you’re going up against fresh legs. So now you’re even more likely to make a mistake. And another mistake means you’re right back on the treadmill. Coach’s whole philosophy was about maintaining focus, minimizing mistakes and working hard. He wanted to make sure that no matter who we were up against, we were not going to be the first ones to get tired.