Happy birthday to the late Sonny Dove.

The former St. John’s University basketball player would have celebrated a birthday today.

Dove played his high school ball at St. Francis Prep and later spent two years in the NBA and three years in the ABA.

He passed away on February 14, 1983. R.I.P.



Happy birthday to the greatest point guard ever…

On the night of March 26, 1979, in Salt Lake City, Utah, Michigan State played Indiana State for the men’s NCAA championship.  The Sycamores entered the game 33-0, they were led by Larry Bird.  The Spartans, led by Earvin Johnson lost six times that season.  At the time I didn’t know much about the college game; I was 14.  The New York Knicks were my team, I was a big NBA guy. In the schoolyard earlier in the day I heard kids talking about the big game. After dinner I hung out with my friends on the avenue and spent time with my girlfriend. After I walked her home I jogged home to watch the game.  It came on at 9:00 PM.  My mother wouldn’t allow me to watch the game in the living room on our color television so I had to watch it in my bedroom on a seven-inch black and white.  A wire coat hanger was my antenna.  The reception was awful, but I didn’t care.  Michigan State won the game 75-64.  It was my introduction to college basketball.