Dave Telep of ESPN recently spoke his mind on today’s youth basketball players. I have read this piece three times now since it was published. Dave hit the nail on the head. He ran the floor, came off screens and went pick-n-roll!

Telep is a good guy, salt-of-the-earth type. I once did some freelance work for him back in the day.  The guy even let me sleep on his couch in Indy while we were at Speice Fieldhouse.

Dave’s a family man and knows this recruiting/evaluation thing as good as anyone who rates players.

Telep says:

The effort on the court was bad enough. Seven minutes in, the scrimmage disintegrated into a cherry-picking contest of uncontested dunks and missed layups. Having been in all-star settings before, expectations are low. But this was unreal. The best way to sum it up would be to say if college coaches had been allowed in the building, scholarships would have been pulled. Yes, it was that bad. 


What are these clowns doing?

Why waste the opportunity?

Young ballplayers have to be smarter than that.

More from Telep:

I asked the staffers at Elite 24 who’d been part of the game for the past seven years and they said last year’s crop was the most entitled bunch of players they’ve seen. Then a few months ago, I ran into a guy who worked the NBA draft combine and he said this year’s crop of NBA rookies that came through the combine was the most entitled group he’d seen. Getting a clearer picture now?

Hopefully the young guys are reading this and wake up!

Matter of fact, all players and coaches should read this article. Do the basketball Gods a favor and pass this article along to someone who you may think can use it.

One last thing from Telep’s extraordinary, and much-needed piece:

But the behavior off the court may have been even worse. One player said of the buffet at the Ritz Carlton, “They should have just gotten us pizza.” Another player asked Jalen Rose about the, well, women in the NBA. And we’re only scratching the surface here. 

That reminds me of a story from back in the day when I was coaching an AAU team. We were on the road and at the end of the first night, our best player’s dad comes up to the guy who ran our organization in the hotel lobby. We were gathering as a team heading to Burger King for dinner.

Gimme a hundred dollars so I can take my son to a steakhouse; we don’t eat no Burger King.”

Thanks Dave Telep for putting this together. Now the question is, how do we change this thinking/behavior?

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