Late 1970’s, early to mid-80’s, following a New York Knicks game at Madison Square Garden we would wait outside to meet the players from both teams.

At first we would ask for autographs.

Then we would ask for sneakers.

Practice jersey’s came next and then we would walk with them to their cars and talk about the game.

Met some great dudes. Wish I kept all the stuff I collected.


As a kid playing ball all alone in the schoolyard I would emulate playing against an NBA player.

Backing down Walt Frazier.

Pulling up for a jumper vs Jerry West.

Grabbing a rebound over Elvin Hayes.

Shooting Kareem’s hook.

Pistol Pete behind the back pass against the wall.

And my favorite, spinning away from Earl Monroe.


Growing up in Brooklyn during the 70’s and 80’s, we didn’t have a gym to play ball.

No health club.

No rec center.

Couldn’t get into Bishop Ford High School.

All we had was the the schoolyard at Holy Name; it was our “paved paradise.”

When it snowed we shoveled the court to play.

No Excuses you did what you had to do to improve.