Love watching the UConn women’s team. They play the right way and more importantly, act the right way.

Sure they have talent but they care about the team. Talented basketball players need to be coached and most want to be coached.

No poor body language.

No negative facial expressions.

No talking back to coaches or arguing with each other during the game.

They allow the coaching staff to coach them.

UConn shares the ball. Defends and plays with energy.

Please watch them if you get the chance.


Patrick Beverley on players resting:

“I think that’s bulls—. I think that’s a disgrace to this league. I think that fans deserve better.”


Nate Britt of North Carolina:

I think we’re a lot better on the defensive end now.  In the halfcourt, we’ve done a better job defending the ball.  It’s effort more than anything. We had to change our will to want to defend on every possession. Us being able to score has been a bit of a luxury. We can’t just depend on our scoring, and that’s something we had to change. I think we’re a little bit tougher now. We got a very tough win over Arkansas under our belts.



Of the Oregon Ducks – headed to the Final 4:

“I just come in with the mindset to do my job. Play my role; to rebound and block shots.”


Xavier’s J.P. Macura after beating Arizona in the Sweet 16:

We’re all tough guys. We stuck together. We’re not really backing down from anyone.


John Stockton on coming off the bench his first couple of year in the NBA:

“I learned so much sitting on the bench behind Ricky Green. Some guys don’t wanna learn when they’re sitting on the bench.”


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