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PTRW #890 DeMarre Carroll

Posted in DeMarre Carroll with tags , , on April 24, 2015 by Red

“My main focus in these playoffs is keying in on defense. I’ve got to stop Joe (Johnson). I can’t let him get going. The rest will take care of itself.”

“My whole motto, my whole mindset throughout my life is someone can have it worse than you.” 

From Lionel Hollins:

“He was an energy guy, flying all over the court. But he was young and immature. A lot of guys come into the league with a higher opinion of themselves and expecting a bigger role. It takes time.”

From teammate Kyle Korver:

“There are a few guys in the NBA where you’re like, `Man, that guy’s got so much in the tank. If he could just be untapped’. He’s always been a guy who just wants to go out there and hoop, ball, play hard, get offensive rebounds, a one-man, full-court press. That’s been his mantra his whole life. But he came here and learned fundamentals, too.”


Posted in Tristan Thompson with tags on April 21, 2015 by Red

“It’s like a company. You have your sanitation workers. You’ve got your janitors. You’ve got your CEOs. You’ve got your secretaries. I don’t mind being the clean-up guy, punching the clock and doing all the little things. I’ll be a janitor forever. There’s nothing wrong with that. Everyone has their place in the factory. I don’t mind doing the little things. If that’s what it takes to be great, so be it.”


Posted in Reggie Miller with tags , , on April 16, 2015 by Red

“The most important position in the game today is the point guard position, that’s the coach on the floor. That’s the guy that has to get everyone rallying in the right position. So if your point guard is not demanding and is not accountable and is holding everyone else accountable, your team is going to struggle.”


Posted in Brad Stevens with tags , on April 15, 2015 by Red

”We have an opportunity to compete and when you have an opportunity to compete, you compete as well as you can.”


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Following an Indiana Pacers win:

”Just all-out heart, and determination, and will, and perseverance, and not quitting. We got down so many times and had so many opportunities to give in. They just persevered through it.”


Posted in Mike D'Antoni with tags on April 14, 2015 by Red

“Today, battling the outside voices that infect players is every coach’s biggest challenge.” 


Posted in Shane Battier with tags , , on April 14, 2015 by Red

“Peer-to-peer pressure is the biggest factor on your team. It’s way more powerful than the coach. When your best guys are your hardest workers, everyone falls in line.”


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