I’m just trying to demand that they do it the right way.

Why wouldn’t you do what we’re teaching? Why are you trying to break off? And then when they do the same thing three times, then I get a little more aggressive. Obviously you’re not hearing me so I’m gonna say this louder and a little bit closer to your face, so you hear what I’m saying.  We’ve got to do some soul searching, individuals and as a staff. We’ve got to keep looking at ways we can help this team get better and demand more and more winning plays.


Following the Pistons loss to the Celtics:

“They pushed the pace, the pace was fast tonight. We missed a lot of shots. They were just getting easy buckets and they kinda punked us in the beginning. That’s how I felt. They kinda punked us as a team. They were in us. They weren’t letting us catch the ball easy. They really had it out for us”