Every summer someone writes about travel team basketball.

Last night I came across an interesting article.

Clemson assistant coach Steve Smith:

“It’s that ‘Take ’em’ offense. Guys are just trying to get theirs. That’s what makes it bad basketball sometimes. But AAU benefits us in a lot of ways. How many other chances are you going to get to watch that many games in a day, to evaluate so many kids?”


1. Wake up every morning with a positive attitude.

2. Fine tune your engine: Get Running…

3. Be coachable, don’t be someone who is a distraction! Be a player a coach wants to coach. Know that your coach is trying to help you when they push you to be your best.

4. Be a teammate your teammates want to play with.

5. Find the best competition to play against. Go against older and better players. To be the best you must challenge yourself.

6. Build your game: Develop your offense…Practice dribbling and shooting.

7. Build your game II: Get defensive…Work on your defense.

8. Study the game of basketball: History and present…Respect the game.

9. Get stronger: Lift weights…

10. Keep your head straight when you feel adversity sinking in. Don’t let minor things bother you. Feed your mind all day long with positive thoughts.

11. Don’t have a huge ego and don’t brag. Treat people with respect.

12. Know where you are going: Have a plan…

13. If it is to be, it is up to me.


On his new team, the Boston Celtics:

David Lee

“They are building with character guys, guys who fit into a system that they want to run. I think that’s the way to do it now. I think the days of having a bunch of jerks on the same team and thinking you are going to win a championship (are over).”

David Lee has it right.  You don’t want jerks on your team.  You want guys who are willing to work, be good teammates and who will buy-in.  I always ask myself when watching basketball players; would I want to coach that guy and would I want to be his teammate? Does he play hard. Does he play with energy and does he care about others? Is he happy for others success?