“If you’re not playing you can affect [a game] by how you act on the bench. If you’re smiling, you’re up being positive, that affects the game. If not, if you have a frown on your face, if you’re looking upset, you want to get into the game and you’re pouting, that’s going to be a negative effect on the game. So whatever I do, I’m going to affect the game in a positive way however I can.”


Scott Brooks on Fisher:

“He’s as consistent a worker as I’ve ever been around as a player, and I’m sure he has the same type of work ethic as a coach. He’s steady. He understands that every season it’s about the process of getting better. I know this is not the season he would have liked, but he’s not changing his attitude toward the game he loves.”



“If you’re talking about good, solid, fundamental basketball, and that’s what the Spurs do, I think every team wants to be more solid and fundamentally sound. The Spurs have done it at a high level. We want to be playing the right way and getting better every day. It’s the unselfishness of the players we have.”


“We have high character players, high basketball IQ players that enjoy sharing the ball; they enjoy playing with each other. They also know they’ll reap the rewards if they all play that way. I feel we can all do more but we’re all sacrificing for the team because this is bigger than any individual. We just want to win.”


“We could be better. Every season presents its ups and downs, and we’re no different than that, when you’re trying to perfect your craft. We’re a hard-working group, a young group, a group that wants to be better. So we’ve got pluses and minuses, just like anybody else.  Every year is different. I could sit here and make up a bunch of excuses, but at the end of the day it’s about playing and executing. We’re trying to get better at executing. We’re a younger team, not that much experience, but the fight we [have] gives us a chance to win every night. I want to say yeah we can turn it around, and I hope so, but it’s about the work you put in.’’


After a 25-point loss to the Golden State Warriors:

“We have to have consistent effort, consistent energy. We have to be able to go out tomorrow and start, hopefully, a slew of games where we can be consistent. It’s our effort, our consistency we have to work on. We go from having a great effort to a medium effort. We go from a great concentration to poor concentration. We have to shore that up.  I always felt as a player it was your job to bring your effort. It doesn’t mean the ball is going to go in. It doesn’t mean the pass is going to be perfect, doesn’t mean every defensive assignment is going to go your way. Everything we do there seems to be a definite link between things going well offensively and our effort being higher or things not going well for us offensively and our effort not being good. You can’t be so fragile that your effort depends on if the ball goes in or not.”