Tim Tebow held a baseball workout. Here’s his comments afterwards:

“You pursue what you love, right? Regardless of what happens. If you fail or fall flat on your face. If that’s the worst thing that can happen, that’s okay. When did that become such  a bad thing? When did pursuing what you love become a bad thing? Regardless of the result. I will make all the sacrifices to be the best I can be. A lot of people will say, ‘well what if you fail’? What if you don’t make it’? Guess what? I don’t have to live with regret. I did everything I could, I pushed it.


Good article on people giving up.


It’s a striking illustration of a basic truth about human behavior: We are often eager to start new endeavors, but more often than not we fail to see them through.



Good stuff on the rookie for the Denver Nuggets. Leonard Hamilton, his college coach with the following comment.

“From a character standpoint, he’s off the Richter scale. He’s one of those kids who is unbelievably hardworking, extremely passionate, a gym rat. Tremendous effort is not work to him, it’s just kind of like who he is and what he enjoys doing.”



From Kobe Bryant:

“When I turn on the TV and I watch players play, the player that plays with the same kind of emotion and grit and competitive intensity is Russell [Westbrook].”

“When I was young and playing, that wasn’t the perception. The perception was that I was headstrong, obsessive about the game of basketball, but as time has gone on and people have been able to see how obsessive I’ve been about winning, then that’s kind of become, they’ve kind of come to know me as that, right. So there are certain young players out there, I’m sure, that have that mentality, but over time we will be able to see who is who.”

“Russell is going hard. Doesn’t matter who he is playing against, doesn’t matter what the odds are, he’s going, that’s a guy, he is going 110 percent every single time.”

Source: http://clutchpoints.com/kobe-bryant-sees-himself-in-russell-westbrook/


Entering his second season with the Dallas Mavericks:

“I think the best thing for me is to kind of be mature about this process and figure out what this team needs me to do this year, and go out there and try to practice it and try to put some of these things into play. With that being said, also having a high level of aggressiveness. But at the same time, just doing it the right way. Just playing the game the right way is what I’m focused on.”