Teammates and Atlanta Hawks head coach on Horford:

“Every time when he comes into the locker room, he talks about basketball and says to keep fighting. No matter what happens with injuries, [he tells us] to stay together as a team and try to win games.” -Dennis Schroder

“The precedent that he set for the bigs when he was here, how well he played, definitely we want to follow his lead and keep that up. When he comes around, it brightens our mood, brightens our day. It’s good to see him. He came to an event we had, he came to an event or two, he’s still part of this family. Even though he’s out for the season and he’s been out a long time, seeing him it puts a smile on our faces.” -Elton Brand

“He’s got a great spirit and just a great way about him. He’s kind of a quiet competitor and that’s kind of the spirit we want our group to compete but do it in a classy way. He’s just a class player, a class person.” -Mike Budenholzer


After a loss:

“I felt like we had some guys that just decided they weren’t going to play tonight. It’s unfortunate. We’re professionals, and as a staff we have to beg guys to give effort when they play.  I told our team, I wish paychecks were predicated on night to night performance. If you play like an uninspired player, then either you don’t get paid, or you get paid like an uninspired player. We act like the big bad wolf against Milwaukee. Then we come in against the Bulls and we tuck our tails, and we hide. I’m going to play the guys who want to put forth the effort & act like professionals & go out and earn their paychecks.”


“That’s just me being motivated, especially since Larry took a chance on me. I was kind of unproven. I didn’t play in a high-profile school, and with that comes the notion that, ‘He’s not ready.’ I felt I had questions to answer. Was I going to be ready to play against elite-level athletes?”

Coach Frank Vogel on George:

“It’s a remarkable story. In college, people weren’t even sure he was a lottery pick. He’s not the chosen one. He’s just a guy who has ability. He’s got — even more than ability and it’s so glaring to everybody — he’s got drive. That’s why he’s been able to accomplish what he’s been able to accomplish. That’s 100% has to do with his work — his work in the summertime, his work before and after practice. His work in the weight room has really helped his shot-making. His development at the three-point line and getting the shot off with defenders draped on him. That’s even more impressive. He’s still able to make tough, guarded shots.”

Teammate David West on George:

“He’s a worker. He’s had a focus this year to maximize who he could be and he’s done that. He’s worked, stayed humble and has tried to lead by example every day as far as bringing it. It’s worked out for him. He’s playing at a very, very high level, defensively first and offensively second.”