I think Nike should give every high school varsity basketball team in the country team shoes. In exchange we can do some community service work. Or, reward schools with high GPA’s. If a team clocks a 3.0 or higher, ship them some kicks.

My guy, Carlton Douglas Ridenhour better known as “Chuck D” said it best:

“I like Nike but wait a minute The neighborhood supports, so put some money in it…”

As a kid, my mom couldn’t afford the expensive shoes. Can’t imagine how hard it is on some parents…



“Everything comes into play, film and pick up ball, especially the off-season. Being able to look at all my mistakes, being able to evaluate the things I could have done better offensively and just trying to master the craft and being a student of the game. I try to look at every miscellaneous thing that may go untouched or unnoticed and I try and tighten it up, and then add other things accordingly. And you can see it, you see the results in game time situations.”

“We understand we can’t worry about what everybody else is thinking or saying, we’ve got to worry about and focus on getting better with every opportunity we’re given. And when it’s all said and done, you count the teams who are standing at the end and go from there. As of right now, we don’t worry about it. Let this be the time we find out about ourselves and continue grinding, because we’ve still got a long way to go.”