How about the Utah Jazz?

Have to admit, didn’t see them play too much this year but did read about them from time-to-time.

This afternoon they went into LA for game 7 and beat the Clippers 104-91.

Utah will now advance to the Western Conference semi-finals to take on the Golden State Warriors.

Jazz 22 assists 8 turnovers
Clippers 17 assists 10 turnovers

3PT shooting
Utah 6-13
LA 6-25


After trailing 2-0 in the series, the Boston Celtics won 4 straight games eliminating Chicago tonight, 105-83.

The C’s came into tonight’s game dishing out 27 assists per game and turning it over 12 times.

Tonight they had 28 assists and just 9 assists.

“We haven’t got too caught up in the results, we try to stay the course on the day-to-day,” said Celtics head coach Brad Stevens,

Celtics face the Wizards Sunday in game 1 of the Eastern Conference semi-finals.


Golden State eliminates the Blazers last night.

The “3” ball of course is a factor.  Here’s the top three teams in the playoffs for three-point field goals made as of Wednesday morning.

1-Cavaliers 54

2-Celtics 51

3-Warriors 50