When I went to school, I was awful at Math.

Actually I’m pretty good at adding and subtracting to tell the truth.

We here at Play the Right Way like to promote the game. This season I will be charting and tracking two situations in the game.

Foul or defend is back: After taking a year off I decided to get back to following this late game situation. Here’s the deal – A team is up three with less than :07 to play. They are on defense, they have a choice; defend the ball or foul?

Second, I’m tracking assists to turnovers in each game.

Foul or Defend after three nights in the NBA:

The Pacers elected to defend on opening night against the Mavs. Harrison Barnes made them pay; he hit a three to tie and send the game into overtime.

Last night OKC hunkered down and checked; The Suns missed a three.

As for Assists to Turnovers, there’s been 25 games played thus far. The winning teams in 18 of those games have had the better “assists to turnovers” ratio. (More assists than turnovers) I love teams that share the ball. Who doesn’t?

So far, four teams have had more turnovers than assists. (Knicks, Nuggets, Raptors, and OKC) In last night’s game, the Thunder had 13 assists and 22 turnovers.

Five teams have had over 30 assists. (Warriors, Cavaliers, Pacers, Celtics, and Pelicans)

Boy if my third grade teacher can see me now…



“There’s a certain way you need to conduct and carry yourself and be, and you don’t compromise on that. You don’t compromise your integrity and you don’t compromise who you are. Things you’ve built in terms of the legacy you want to believe. You walk around excuse free, and rather than trying to find excuses, you try to find solutions and be accountable.”


“There’s a lot of correction that goes on in any coach’s film session but I was just thinking to myself yesterday, that when you watch film with the team and you see a guy doing what he’s supposed to do, that’s very, very rewarding. They have to see that. That goes before any kind of negative corrections. A guy does a pivot move or a sink or a rotation, and us saying ‘This is what it’s supposed to look like,’ I think that’s way more effective.”


“Every game is going to be hard, not just because we’re playing a very good team but because we’re not playing the right way. When we play the right way we are able to beat any team on any given night. We have to find a way to start playing the right way. If we do that we shouldn’t be worried about who is coming.”