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“When you play the game the right way, you get rewarded for that. Turnovers and one-on-one ball won’t get it done. We’ve got to bring consistency to both ends of the floor every night.”

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When I went to school, I was awful at Math. Actually I’m pretty good at adding and subtracting to tell the truth. We here at Play the Right Way like to promote the game. This season I will be charting … Continue reading

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“For us, it’s all about effort. We got all the talent in the world. If we don’t have no effort and no heart to it, we’re really just a joke in this thing.”

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“Our defense was an embarrassment. We’ve got to toughen up. We’ve got to start hitting people under the glass and be first to the rebound and stop giving teams second shots.”

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Following an Indiana Pacers win: ”Just all-out heart, and determination, and will, and perseverance, and not quitting. We got down so many times and had so many opportunities to give in. They just persevered through it.”

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“There’s a certain way you need to conduct and carry yourself and be, and you don’t compromise on that. You don’t compromise your integrity and you don’t compromise who you are. Things you’ve built in terms of the legacy you … Continue reading

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“There’s a lot of correction that goes on in any coach’s film session but I was just thinking to myself yesterday, that when you watch film with the team and you see a guy doing what he’s supposed to do, … Continue reading

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