“This whole summer I had tunnel vision. My mindset was making sure I was working out every day.”



“We have to go to work every day to take a step forward, have as much fun as we can this year and this year be a great experience. We need to understand that each and every day takes work. We have to pile it on day after day after day to get ready for this season and have a solid foundation.”


“One of Gregg Popovich’s secrets in plain sight has been the way he builds a bench and employs them and trusts them so much during the regular season that he can rest his starters so much and still win so many games. He doesn’t have better reserves than other teams, and he loses guys regularly. But his players abide by their system of play and he relies on them and trusts them. It’s a big part of coaching (and running any successful business), making your employees feel a part of the organization and success and trusting them and taking an interest in their fate. “