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”We have an opportunity to compete and when you have an opportunity to compete, you compete as well as you can.”


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“We practiced about two miles from my house in Boston. In training camp I’d run back and forth between the two places just to get my run in.”

Taken form an outstanding article on running via Larry Bird.


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“The one bad habit that we have to stop is, when guys miss shots, their energy just goes so flat. And you know me. The teams that I’ve played on in my career, when we missed shots, it was the total opposite. Our defensive energy picked up twice as much. We’ve definitely got some guys with some fight, but the most important thing is we need to see that fight from the beginning. Resilience is something that these guys do have. They don’t care who they’re playing against or where it’s at, they want to play. The thing is playing the right way.

“The No. 1 factor I would say is that we have to understand and learn how to play for 48 minutes the right way, and that’s providing energy on both ends whether you’re missing or making shots.”


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“You play the right way here, people appreciate it.”


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From Kelly Olynk:

“He just changes the pace of the game, especially on defense. He’s up on people, making plays on the defensive end, whether it’s steals, a couple of charges, or just making it tough, wearing guys down.”

Evan Turner:

“His defense. His tenacity. You can tell a lot of other guards don’t like going up against him, for the most part. Once they feel his strength and stuff, they look back and kind of say, ‘This kid’s for real.’”

Marcus himself:

“I eat and sleep basketball and it was taken away from me for a while and it felt good to finally be back with these guys and make an impact tonight.”


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“I had a great line given to me very early on in coaching, and that is, ‘My door is always open to talk about playing time. If you want to talk about playing time, be prepared for the truth. So the truth can be hard but also when you’re talking about playing time, you have to be pretty direct.”


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“Every day you focus on what you can do a little better and what you can do to build upon a good game. There’s a lot of guys who can have a good game in this league. You turn on the TV tonight and you’ll see someone who doesn’t average nine points a game getting 20. That’s how it goes. The great challenge is consistency. Not that any of us are asking him to score 30 a night. But just to find that is hard for young guys and old guys. Those that do become really good players in this league.”


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