On defending:

“That’s what I play this game for: to go up against the best players. I know I haven’t been out there in a while, but hopefully I can still be mentioned for first-team all-defense. It’s something I take pride in. Every single chance I get, I love going up against the Kyries, the Russell Westbrooks, all of those guys.”


It’s just our mindset going into each game. Trying to move the ball, play basketball the right way. Making the extra pass, and it’s helping us out a lot. It’s making us look like we’ve been playing together for a while. It’s fun basketball.


“If I can score every time down, I’m gonna do it, trust me. But if the pass is there and the right play is to make a pass to somebody else, as the point guard you’ve got to learn how to do that and I think I’ve gotten a lot better at it.”


On his rep as a high-IQ coach:

“I think that’s all overblown with me. I don’t think I have anything to do with that. I think we’ve got really good players that are really smart players. They [were] high-IQ players long before they got here. You look for high-IQ players, and savvy players, period. Because it’s a long year, you see a lot of situations – you have to change on the fly, you have to tweak on a dime.”


On whether the Boston Celtics need a star to be a contender:

“We just had an All-Star. So I don’t know what other superstar you want. But there’s a lot of talk about we need a superstar and stuff like that. But all five guys on the court are so locked in and so engaged that we’re one superstar. We all play together. It’s a scary thing when a team don’t know who to match up to, whose night it’s going to be on the offensive end. And, defensively, we all fight together and play together. It’s a scary approach.”


“I think we’re on our way to being a good team and doing things the right way, and, at the same time, there’s nothing wrong with being a blue collar team. We absolutely play tough. The NBA is supposed to be full of superstars, and we kind of prove it wrong. It’s a situation here where we don’t have four or five quote-unquote superstars like most teams. We come out and we try to play our butts off every night. We earn the right to be on the court, and we earn the right to get our wins.”


From Terry Rozier:

“He’s an All-Star for a reason. He watches the most film on the team, he takes care of his body and he’s just always locked in. He’s focused all the time.

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