On his team after three straight blowout losses…

“You gotta play a lot harder. That’s always the starting point. You gotta play a lot harder. Until you do that, nothing else matters. No matter what we would do or anything else, if we played at the same pace, energy level, intensity level as we played last night, nothing will be better. That’s where it starts. Run up and down the floor. Run. Get down in a stance. Play hard. That’s where it all starts, and that’s where it always starts.”


Do you want to be a winning team or do you want to continue to get embarrassed? Are you going to play for the next man beside you or are you going to play for yourself? If you have a guy wide open, he has to get the ball.  It makes the game funner. That’s just how it is. Of course some dudes are going to get more shots than other dudes. That’s how the game goes. Guys are not going to respond well when they don’t get the ball when they’re open. That’s just basketball. That’s just the right way. The Spurs, Golden State, Cleveland, the top tier teams play the right way. You never win if you don’t play the right way.


Watching Australia in the Olympics I came away very impressed with their team. I loved their backcourt of Delly and Patty Mills but the guy who stood out to me was Aron Baynes. Loved the way he rebounded, defended and set screens. Here’s Detroit Pistons head coach Stan Van Gundy on Baynes’ play at the Olympics:

“He played very well, very steady basketball. The guy is just a good basketball player. Aron gets it. He plays good, hard team basketball. Aron’s the kind of guy who is never going to complain or make an excuse. You give him a job to do and he’s going to do it as well as he possibly can. I thought he competed well.”


Following the Pistons loss to the Celtics:

“They pushed the pace, the pace was fast tonight. We missed a lot of shots. They were just getting easy buckets and they kinda punked us in the beginning. That’s how I felt. They kinda punked us as a team. They were in us. They weren’t letting us catch the ball easy. They really had it out for us”


“It’s all about competing and playing smart and hard basketball. You can’t just play hard basketball, and you just can’t play smart basketball. You gotta combine the two, and when you do that, then you’re in there with a chance to compete with anyone. We’ve kinda learned that this year. We go out there and we don’t compete, and we can get beat by anyone. When we go out there and compete and play smart basketball, we can compete with everyone.”


“That’s why we have to take care of business game by game. Obviously, our goal is just to reach the playoffs, but in order to reach there, we have to win the games. And to win the games, we have to play the right way. I think we know what is the right way, but sometimes, we kind of get away from it.”

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