Following the Pistons loss to the Celtics:

“They pushed the pace, the pace was fast tonight. We missed a lot of shots. They were just getting easy buckets and they kinda punked us in the beginning. That’s how I felt. They kinda punked us as a team. They were in us. They weren’t letting us catch the ball easy. They really had it out for us”


“It’s all about competing and playing smart and hard basketball. You can’t just play hard basketball, and you just can’t play smart basketball. You gotta combine the two, and when you do that, then you’re in there with a chance to compete with anyone. We’ve kinda learned that this year. We go out there and we don’t compete, and we can get beat by anyone. When we go out there and compete and play smart basketball, we can compete with everyone.”


After the Detroit Pistons held a team meeting and players spoke up; mainly two vets:  Ersan Ilyasova and Marcus Morris, the oldest starters at 28 and 26, respectively.

“I think that’s to be expected that the two oldest guys had the most to say about playing the right way, and playing together, and sacrificing individual goals for the team, that type of thing.”