That’s right. You want to excel in basketball, well then there’s never an off-season.

I’m not saying you have to play ball 24-7-365. No sir. I am saying you have to work on your game as much as possible. Take some time to rest. That’s okay.

With the beginning of July, Travel Team basketball is upon us. High school basketball players will be traveling around the country competing against each other. College players are in the gym working out. Open gym at night. And the NBA players, well summer league is right around the corner.

Last month high school teams played in summer leagues and attended team camps. Our team at East Lansing played 11 summer league games and attended two team camps. We also squeezed in three practices.

If you want to get better, there’s never an off-season…



The Brooklyn Net, talking to his coach Kenny Atkinson:

“He said, ‘My decision-making can be a little better, I can shoot a little better, I can defend a little better,’ ” Atkinson said. “That’s pretty telling. He didn’t want to tell me how good he was. He wanted to tell me what he was working on. We love that about him.”