“I don’t look at the stat line. That doesn’t really total the game of basketball. There’s other aspects to the game than scoring, rebounding and things that don’t pop up on the stat sheet like bringing energy, coming out there with that greediness and bringing that spark to the team. There’s definitely other aspects to the game that people don’t really understand, but it’s there.”


“We have three words up in our locker room — togetherness, belief, and trust. And everything that we do we have to do together. And we have to believe in what we’re doing, and we have to trust that if I’m doing what I’m supposed to do and if I get beat, that the next guy is going to be there to protect me and so forth and so on.”


From Tom Thibodeau:

“You can’t say enough about it him. He takes big shots, plays defense, gets to the line. He makes plays, plays unselfishly, plays hard and doesn’t take any possessions off.  My thing to him is why put a lid on it? Where can it go? I don’t know. All I know is [his ceiling] keeps going up. That is how I want him to approach it. He brings great concentration and great effort every day. You bring those things and couple that with his talent, great things are going to happen and he’s showing that. The best leadership you can have is by doing all the right things. You can’t put any more in than he’s putting into it now. When you look at our season with Joakim being out for a good chunk of it, Taj being out for a good chunk of it, Derrick being out for a good chunk of it, thankfully he’s played that way. That’s really carried us.”


“We have professionals on this team, true professionals. Day-in, day-out, everyone’s giving 150 percent, and that’s all you can ask. Whether we make changes for the betterment of the team, guys are willing to accept their roles. We just have a close-knit group, and no matter who scores, who’s out there, we’re going to support each other, and I’m willing to do anything for this team, and any of my teammates and the coaching staff.”


From LeBron James:

“Team sports has to be about not me, but the team. Trix is one of those guys, man. You look at him, he’s a multi-time all-star that’s now fitting into a role. You look at the other side too, with Vince Carter. I had Ray Allen. It’s not about you. It’s about the team. If you’re not about the team, then, you should play golf or another sport, tennis.”