Via Howard Beck:

“It’s hard not to love what the Celtics have built. These guys play hard, play together and play a selfless brand of offense. The ball is in constant motion, keeping every player involved and keeping defenses off-balance. Credit Brad Stevens, for getting everyone to buy in, and Danny Ainge, for acquiring the kind of players who fit their philosophy and are willing to sacrifice.”


On sacrificing personal numbers for the betterment of the team:
“It’s tough, but winning teams do it though. They might be mad at the end of the day but they are going to do whatever it takes for their team to be successful and that’s what winning teams do, that’s what the mature teams do. We know at the end of the season there’s a bigger goal than individual success. We have a lot of great guys in this locker room where they understand that.”


“The older you are the more you have to work and the more perfect your work habits have to be. When you are 21 or 22 you get away with a lot of stuff. You don’t sleep well, you don’t eat well and you still have energy the next day. You don’t get hurt, you jump high, you run fast, you play big minutes and you come back the next day and do it again. When you are 25 and the body doesn’t react that way anymore you have to start with better habits and work harder and working more. When you get to 30 it’s even more and then it gets to the point where you have to do a lot more work and have a lot closer to perfect habits just to stay the same.”

“I’m all about how much the team needs me to play.”


Suns head coach on the Golden State Warriors:

“They move the ball. As soon as they see that second guy, the ball is in the air to the open guy. They’ll have some turnovers, but for the most part, their decision-making is so quick that you have to be alert at all times. You may think you have a guy covered, but they’re still going to throw it by you the moment you don’t look. That’s good passing, and we try to teach our guys the same thing. But (the Warriors) have kind of mastered it. It’s not a case where they have one, two or even three guys who can pass like that. They’ve got all five guys on the court passing like that. That’s what makes them so tough.”


“We need everybody. It doesn’t matter who plays with who. We’re on a team. We have 14 guys who can play basketball. We know what we have to do out there. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter how many minutes you play before today with somebody or which positions — it’s just about going out there and do your job the best you can.”