“Everybody thinks that it’s supposed to come from somebody else other than what’s inside of the guys doing the job. It doesn’t matter what I said. As a player, you have to decide this means as much to you as anything in life because it’s what you’ve chosen to do.”

“They are adult men and professional athletes” who must “hold themselves accountable to a certain standard.”


“I’m here. I’m here right now. I can get better and I’m going to get better. That’s why I’m putting in the work, putting in the time, because I know there’s a great opportunity here. I want to be that guy and I think I can be that guy. It’s just going to take a lot of work. I look back on when I was struggling or when I wasn’t playing. How did I get back on that top, top level? It was staying in the gym. That’s what helps me to realize I’m going to get there as long as I keep putting in the work. I’m a player that gets better every year. I’ve proven that. With my work ethic, I’m going to get better.”



“You do need great players to win the championship, but having to always chase the best talent in free agency eventually becomes a mind-set of, well, the best talent wins as opposed to who plays the best team basketball. We’re not going to punch all the right buttons in the process of doing this. But we’re looking for multiple talents, drive, intelligence, guys that will play defense.”