Keith Olbermann of ESPN had an amazing essay dedicated to the New York Knicks. It was mind-blowing. He opened my eyes to my beloved Knicks.  I have been a fan since the mid 70’s. But lately, it’s been hard to follow them.


What happened?

Where did they go wrong?

It’s New York City…The Mecca.

The Knicks should be competing for championships every year!

Who’s to blame?

The players? Coach? Front office?

Regardless of what the experts say, it’s not that hard to get it going and keep it going. Just look at the San Antonio Spurs.

My advice?

Get players who play the right way.

Get good guys. High character.

Make sure they are coachable.

Give contracts to players who want to be in New York.

The Knicks have not won a rings since 1973. That’s 45 years ago!

Check out Olbermann’s piece on the Knicks. It’s worth it.

See the ball. Hit the open man and always play the right way!



Michael Beasley of the New York Knicks has been riding the pine as of late.

“I’m not here to say what I need or want personally. Whatever the team needs. If they need me to play 40 minutes, I’ll play it. If they want me to clap on the bench, I’ll do it.”


The New York Knicks are playing good ball as of late (Like Stan Van Gundy would say, “It’s early…) but from what the Knicks were to now, it’s a huge improvement and the hoop fans in the City are dancing in the streets.

“This feels different. I think we have better fundamentals. Defensively, we’re going after it every night. We may not do it 48 minutes but there are parts of the game where we actually lock in. We do our defensive system the right way. And we just play hard. And that’s the main difference.”


Go New York Go New York Go…


At the start of every basketball season we hear a new word or phrase used by a coach or even the players.

Trust the Process” has been a popular one this Fall.

New York Knicks coach Jeff Hornacek is in…

It may be a slower process, but our guys are working hard to do the best we can. You got to find the combination. Brett Brown has figured out a good way to do that. It’s hard as a coach because you want to win. You understand the process you have to go through.

You try to not sacrifice what you’re trying to do to build just to win some games. Obviously you want to win, but you have to find that balance. You can’t get frustrated. You got to keep the team going, and when teams are going through that process, it’s hard, but you got to stay positive.

Marc Berman of the New York Post with the full piece.


“There’s no question that he wants to win, and his I.Q. for the game is actually very good,” George Karl told me in a conversation about Anthony during the 2013-14 season. He always wants to think like a coach, but he always doesn’t want to sign the contract with the coach.”

Asked what he meant by that, Karl, who coached Anthony in Denver, said: “I don’t think Melo understands that coming to work with the best attitude every single day is a precious commodity when you’re the best player. That’s not the same thing as playing hard. That’s bringing the total package, 100 percent focused on all the little things. Those are rare breeds.”

Here’s the entire article written by Harvey Araton of the New York Times.