“I feel like I can still do better. I feel like there’s another level that I want to get to and have to keep pushing and getting better.”


“Our defense is everything with this team, nothing else. Offensively we’re going to be fine, we’re going to find spots. We’re going to find spots to really play our game. It’s defensively, everybody playing on a string, everybody communicating, and everybody being on the same page [that is important].”


Red Holzman is looking down and smiling.

The Knicks beat the Bulls on the road tonight 117-104.

New York handed out 32 assists and turned it over only 5 times.

A season high; +27 ratio, assists to turnovers.


Via Phil Jackson:

“Today’s players simply lack the skills to play the triangle. They know  how to play one-on-one, catch-and-shoot, and they’ve mastered crossover  dribbles, spins, playing off of screens and step-back shots. They don’t  know how to execute things like inside-reverse pivots and other basic  footwork. They have no sense of timing or organization. They don’t  really know how to play five-on-five basketball. It’s strictly  generational.”


“Chemistry is everything. Everybody has to take their egos — and what they think it should look like — [and put it] aside. Make the right sacrifices to be the best team possible.


The ESPN color analyst with his thoughts on Jeff Hornacek coaching the Knicks.

“The hiring of anybody taking over a bad team that has limited talent and needs definite additions at key positions, you have to be lucky and fortunate that the players who are there can buy into the system and give it 100 [percent] every single night. I would expect he comes in and gets that. I know they’ll be more accountable. That’s key anytime you come into a bad situation. You’re not going anywhere without accountability.’’



“What I would like to see happen, is we get a competing attitude. I think everybody deserves that from their organization. Everybody needs to figure out a way, how we’re going to compete at a high level, day in and day out. Not just sometimes – and not just being OK with being mediocre.”


“There are critics? Who are these people? Why would people even say that? Do they have 11 championships to show you when they talk about that? They got a lot of excuses. That’s the way it is.”


“All good players can adapt to whatever system it is. If you’re a ballplayer, you’re a ballplayer. You come to work, you play hard, you’ll be part of what we have going on here. Just like any system, you have to learn.”

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