WANTED: a championship team—now. Will pay any price, test any law, sell any product, join any club, make any promise if it can be assured that champagne will flow over my head as the owner.

Pro basketball is a simple game. It is a sport in which success, as symbolized by the championship, requires that the community goal prevail over selfish impulses. An exceptional player is simply one point on a five-pointed star. Great individual players may earn dollars for the owner just as a sideshow does for the circus, but stardom is if anything a deterrent in the pursuit of a championship.


“This is probably what, in the old-school days, training camp was about, … competing for spots, competing for minutes, and it gets no better than this right here when you have a lot of guys who can play different positions and in order to get minutes they have to be able to beat out another guy. Over the years, this is what training camp has been about, competing. This training camp will be like years ago where you have guys who have to actually compete for a spot.”


The big key for us is to establish a defense mind-set. It’s just going to be repetition. We’re going to try to not let too many things and mistakes slide by and have them repeated and done right. The thing we’re trying to get across to them is the better we are defensively, the better we will be offensively.

The biggest thing we’re going to establish at camp is to put hard work and effort into teamwork.