On Bill Simmons podcast:

“That’s the perception of it all: we’re just immortal. We’re normal f–king people who are really good at what we do. But at the end of the day, we go to sleep just like everybody else. We really put on our pants just like everybody else. We take a s–t like everybody else! So it made me realize that I am not king anything because we won a championship. I just achieved what I want in my profession. […] It makes me realize that, like, that superstar word, to me, really isn’t a thing. It’s all a facade and all a fake. When I go through normal stuff, it makes me realize that I’m just a mere mortal. But I’m really f–king good at basketball.”


Solid doubleheader last night on 33rd and 8th.

Brooklyn native Fran Fraschilla was on the color for ESPN and I loved the two segments he did on basketball in the city.

Hoops and fire

First he touched on West 4th Street and then he went uptown and talked about Rucker Park.

While living in New York I had the chance to play at both parks.

New York City basketball, nothing like it in the world.

Always play the right way…

-Coach Finamore


Watching the NIT semi’s tonight.

My first NIT was 1980, Minnesota-Virginia.

It’s where I first saw Ralph Sampson; the big fella was a freshman.


His teammates included Jeff Lamp and Lee Raker.

Cavaliers won. Sampson was voted MVP.

For the next several years I would be a fixture at the Garden for the NIT.