From his first press conference at Alabama…

“We established a culture playbook a couple years ago.  We talk about max effort, that’s everything. Every workout, every weight room session, every practice, our guys are going to give max effort. We’re going to demand it out of them.”

“Continuous growth is one. We’re going to get better every day. We want to be better today than yesterday. We’re going to get guys that want to get in the gym that want to work on their own. If the NCAA only allows us so many hours with the guys, if that’s all the hours they put in, we’re never going to get where we need to get. We’re going to get a culture that they’re in to get better every day. That goes for academics-wise. We’re going to get better.

“We’re going to give max effort, continuous growth, then we talk about selfless love. We’re going to teach our guys, young men, how to love each other, love this community, treat each other well.”