After shooting 5-22 from the floor against the Bulls:

“There were a lot of shots that were on line, just long, didn’t go in. But it’s nothing to worry about. Just had a bad shooting game. Just move on.”


After shooting 0-11 from distance against the Sixers:

“The weatherman said it was like a low-pressure system that was coming in, and I forgot to adjust to the thinness of the air, the thickness of the air, whatever it is. It happens, but you’ve gotta find other ways to try to impact the game, whether it’s trying to get to the paint a little bit more, defensively just trying to make plays.”


On Draymond Green and Klay Thompson:

“They’ve worked their tails off. Love the game of basketball & have incredible competitive spirit.”


“I always have fun playing the game, but it just looks like everything is moving so perfectly out there for ’em. I know the game of basketball is not a perfect game, but they play the game the right way, they move the ball, they play off of each other, they complement each other. So it’s just, since Day 1, since coach Kerr got there, it just felt like they’ve been together for a long, long time. You could tell that. As a basketball player, I could tell that they enjoyed playing with each other.”


“What I think gets underrated in sports is intelligence – intelligence in playing the game the right way. In basketball you have to understand the dynamics of a team. You hear people talk about ‘having a high basketball IQ’ or ‘they know how to play.’ What that means is: do they know how to make the reverse pass? Things like that. Some of that is innate but the more guys like that play together the more they do it the right way.”

-Bob Myers, Golden State Warriors GM


The Golden State Warriors beat the Oklahoma City Thunder last night in Game 7 of the Western Conference finals 96-88.

Klay Thompson and Stephen Curry were amazing. The “Splash Brothers” shot a combined 13-23 from long distance.

But it’s the “other” guys on the Warriors that help win these games too.

Draymond Green, Andre Iguodala and the bench players always seem to step up and do the little things.

Whether it’s coming up with a loose ball. Getting a rebound. Blocking a shot, setting a screen for a teammate or running the floor hard and finishing, these lesser known players get the job done.

NBA Finals rematch starts Thursday night vs the Cleveland Cavaliers.


On Klay Thompson and Steph Curry:

“To watch these guys play and play the game the right way, it’s probably the greatest feeling in the world. They genuinely like each other. They play the game the way it’s supposed to be played, are brilliantly coached by Steve Kerr. He’s done a remarkable job and these guys have really bought into what he’s trying to accomplish.”


Draymond Green sent a message to his team at half-time. Steph Curry explains:

“It was basically for us to get more aggressive. To use our talents and quickness and IQ as a team, defensively, to our advantage, to not be so cut-and-dry, vanilla with our coverages and stuff. Take some chances, have each other’s backs and rotate. That’s when we’re at our best, when we can create chaos on that end of the floor.”


“There is no crime in getting after it on the court, playing like a team and playing the game the right way. Isn’t that what they are supposed to do? It’s not their fault nobody else can take them down!”


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