On the Warriors and LeBron James:

“You have three superstars on one team that actually play the right way. Even with LeBron [on a roster], if you don’t play the right way, it doesn’t matter.”



The Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers last night 108-85 to complete a four-game sweep in the 2018 NBA finals. It was their third championship in the past four years.

For the second straight year Kevin Durant was named MVP of the finals.

“It’s not about who’s going to win MVP in the finals. It’s about let’s win championships together. You guys can write about MVP, we don’t care,” Steve Kerr said following the game when asked about the MVP in the finals.


My pet peeve is people talking about the “MVP.”  I’m glad Kerr addressed it. Basketball is a TEAM sport.

Kerr did mention post-game that the Warriors, “have a lot of talent,” They sure do but that talent plays together.

After the game, Draymond Green said, “the togetherness is why we win.”  Green is an amazing player – he doesn’t score a lot of points but he does all the little things.

“Always willing to give anything for the team. It’s never about me. Putting my body on the line every night. Doing whatever I can to help my guys out. I try to do that night in and night out,” added Green.

Cavaliers head coach, Ty Lue made a good point during his post-game press conference.

“Sometimes you can give everything you got and come up short.”

Congratulations to the Golden State Warriors.