Xavier’s J.P. Macura after beating Arizona in the Sweet 16:

We’re all tough guys. We stuck together. We’re not really backing down from anyone.


John Stockton on coming off the bench his first couple of year in the NBA:

“I learned so much sitting on the bench behind Ricky Green. Some guys don’t wanna learn when they’re sitting on the bench.”



Mike White, head coach:

It’s a group I’ve been proud of all year. I mean, this group, we might miss some shots. We might mess up some execution. We might have a lack of communication or an error in following the scouting report from time to time or what have you, but this group plays really hard. They play for each other. They play the right way.


As I sit here on an early Sunday morning sipping coffee and reading about the NCAA tournament, I keep thinking back to four nights ago when our team fell to Kalamazoo Central in the State regional championship.

It’s the second year in a row the East Lansing Trojans boys basketball team has lost in this game.

As I watch college basketball teams compete in the NCAA tournament I can’t help but feel bad for the teams that lose.  I wonder what is going through their mind?

Losing sucks. That’s for sure.

But keep in mind, all the work they have put in, the sacrifice and commitment has not been wasted.

Often times we think just because a team lost, that it’s the end of the world.

Last night television caught a young boy screaming and crying in the stands after his favorite college team was eliminated. It’s all over social media.

Just because you fail, it doesn’t mean you’re a failure.

Our team has put together back-to-back seasons where we finished 47-2.

How can anyone be upset with that?

We have won back-to-back regular season conference championships. Including a current 31-game winning streak.

Back-to-back district titles.

And like I mentioned, we made it to the regional championship both seasons.

Today I will watch a few more college teams lose and their season will come to an end.

But it’s okay, I am sure those players who return next season will get back at it and look to improve for next season.


Gregg Popovich on Kawhi Leonard:

“The block (shot) is what makes him so special. Obviosuly, the 3, you know Harden makes 3’s. Kawhi makes 3’s. This guy makes 3’s, that guy makes 3’s. Steph makes 3’s. Everybody does that. But I don’t know who goes to the other end and does what he does – not that many people on a consistent basis, and entire game, game after game.”


I think people sometimes think you’re supposed to win. You’re not supposed to win. You’ve got to go out and get it done.

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