Advice from Lebron James:

“Just play hard. Play hard, rebound and defend, and then when you get the ball, finish around the rim.”



From LeBron James:

“Team sports has to be about not me, but the team. Trix is one of those guys, man. You look at him, he’s a multi-time all-star that’s now fitting into a role. You look at the other side too, with Vince Carter. I had Ray Allen. It’s not about you. It’s about the team. If you’re not about the team, then, you should play golf or another sport, tennis.”


From head coach David Blatt:

“He’s a big part of what we do. He gives us a steady hand off the bench. He gives us great energy and activity on the defensive end and he plays simple and smart on the offensive end.”

From LeBron James:

“He’s just scrappy, man. Delly is a guy that’s always been counted out. Saying he can’t make it, he can’t do this, he can’t shoot enough, not fast enough, not tall enough. One thing about it: Heart and effort will take a way a lot of the things that you cannot do. I’ll take a guy like that any day on my team. I had Norris Cole on my team in Miami. He was the same type of guy. We called him the pit bull. You just put him out there on anybody and he’s always going to be successful and know you can never discredit how he goes about the game and how hard he plays. You put him out there for 20 seconds and it will be the hardest 20 seconds he ever played, like he’ll never play again… Everything they do won’t show up in the box score but teammates and people that know the game know he made an impact.”

From Kevin Love:

“He’s non-stop. We love him. He’s great. He takes charges, will guard anyone one through five and do anything he can.”

From Kyrie Irving:

“He’s incredible. He’s awesome. We have developed such a great relationship. Having my brother back out there. Knowing what you’re going to get from him every night is 150 percent. Incredible professional and incredible teammate to have. I know everyone in this locker room appreciates him. I’m just glad we have him back.”

And from Dellavedova himself:

“Growing up you always hear the story of Michael Jordan getting cut from his high school team. I still remember getting cut at my Under-12 team and never wanting to have that feeling again. It’s going to happen again and again and it’s about how you deal with bad and a lot of success. Just working. In the end it’s going to pay off. If not in the specific thing you are doing, it’s going to pay off in something else down the road.”