From Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle:

“It’s amazing really. The last year and a half, he has gone from being a really top-level system player to being a franchise foundation piece. He’s obviously a hard worker. The thing you love about him from a basketball standpoint is he plays both sides of the ball.”



From Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle:

“He’s all about accountability. He wants to be pushed. He wants his teammates to be pushed, and he’s not afraid to push guys. That’s one of the great things about his personality. That’s why they loved him at USA Basketball in 2011. What he brings to us with his enthusiasm, with his wanting to be held accountable, holding his teammates accountable, general overall energy — there aren’t many guys that bring that on a consistent basis the way he does.”


On Dirk Nowitzki’s shooting workouts:

He’s shot millions of them in practice. In secluded gyms in the middle of nowhere. Some obscure places in Germany. I’ve been to a couple of them. They are obscure. In here at night. Last night, he was here with [mentor] Holger [Geschwindner].

Of all the players I’ve been around in 30 years, whenever we’ve been in the playoffs, whether we’re home or on the road, he comes in the night before games. He goes to the venues and he shoots.

It’s religion for him to work on it and be proficient at it.