“I try to do what I do.  Obviously I’m not the guy who’s going to take over with scoring so I try to control the pace of the game on the defensive and offensive end.”



Dennis Smith Jr. of the Dallas Mavericks tried to dunk it on Draymond Green.

“Yeah, that s— ain’t happening,” Green said after the game. “This ain’t Summer League, bro. Not just gonna dunk on nobody. Better luck next time.

“Never. That ain’t happening. Come on, dude.”

Smith has hops. The rookie drove baseline trying to slam it over Green, only to be fouled by the former Saginaw High standout.

“I don’t know what he was talking about. He can’t say nothing. He fouled me. It doesn’t even make sense. I was just laughing on him. He’s rambling on about nothing. It ain’t like he blocked it. He’s just rambling and I laughed at him.”

Smith added…

“I’m not doing it just to let people know I’m not backing down. I’m just not backing down from nobody. That’s just how I am. All that extra stuff, I don’t really dabble with all that. That’s about it. I just handle myself accordingly.”