-Magic Johnson


“I think everybody’s trusting each other more. That’s the key — there is no secret. Just trust your teammates and play together. We’re finding the right guys when they’re open. We’re not forcing too many shots like maybe we did earlier in the season.”


I want to win, I want to help this team. It doesn’t matter if I am starting or coming off the bench or if I’m the fourth point guard, at the end of the day. So it’s all right.

I’m going to go out there and compete every night. My teammates respect me, I’m good with that.

If coach decides to go a different way, I’ll be the same Jose Calderon. I just try to help my teammate — that’s all I can do. I’ve got nothing against Jerian or Langston. So I’m here to help them be better basketball players and hopefully have a long career in the NBA, that’s what I want to do, I want to help them.


From Spurs Genral Manager R.C. Buford:

“He’s committed to being a great player and a great teammate. He’s come back, expecting more of himself as a leader of the group.”


Back to the grill again…But first, I received some awesome feedback on yesterday’s blog entry regarding Jay Bilas. Thanks for reading and getting back to me.

Day 47 – Help a Teammate

I stumbled across a small piece from hoop on Boston Celtics power forward Kevin Garnett and how he likes to help his teammates. But he doesn’t spend all day trying to help them. They either get it or they don’t.

“He helps the ones he likes,” Doc Rivers said. “Kevin is great. Kevin tries to help every big in here. If that big doesn’t listen to him one time, he’ll never speak to him again. Literally one time. That has happened a couple of times. Those two guys that he did that to are no longer here and that may be one of the reasons.”

Are you one of the few who looks to help their teammates?

Or, are you someone who is all about themselves?

A great teammate is always looking to help another player on their team.

It can be positive advice.  Rebounding for them after practice.  Encouraging them to get up early and hit the gym or even a small dose of congratulations on a job well done.

Lend a helping hand to a teammate.

“Just remember, you’re teammates, not rivals.”

-Red Auerbach

-Coach Finamore

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HOOPS in 2010

Happy New Year!

Here are a few resolutions basketball players should really think about to start the new year off on the right track…

1-Become a better teammate (share the ball, be happy for your teammates success, encourage others, lift teammates up, don’t be late and go hard in practice)

2-Play with energy (this should be a given but there are still some guys who don’t go as hard as they should at both ends. Be active, be alert, be enthusiastic)

3-Spend more time in the gym (before and after practice; get up your shots! Work on your shooting. Lift weights, run and embrace the presence of being in the gym)

4-Defend (get down in your stance, pressure the ball, help-side, help and recover, close out and rebound! Talk, get over/under screens, sprint back in transition)

5-Appreciate the opportunity to suit up (it’s an honor to step on the court and play the greatest game in the world. It’s not who you’re playing against or where you’re playing, most important is that YOU’RE PLAYING!)

“The less motivated and the less determined weed themselves out.”

-Chuck Daly

-Coach Finamore

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