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If we are doing the things the right way, who knows? If we play hard, if we play the right way and give yourself a chance every night, who knows?

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“I’m so far past that,” he said of his 2012 run as a New York Knick. “From the outside, really during the season, I don’t read anything, tweets or comments or articles or what this commentator said. So expectations are … Continue reading

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“We have a bunch of fighters on this team. Everybody’s still playing hard, playing with each other. Nobody’s looking at it like, ‘There’s 10 games left. It’s my contract year. I’m going to go out and shoot every time I … Continue reading

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“It takes a lot of effort to win in this business. It’s not easy. You can’t play when you want to play. You’ve got to play every night, every minute.” We always like to say, “effort affects outcome.”

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“The most important position in the game today is the point guard position, that’s the coach on the floor. That’s the guy that has to get everyone rallying in the right position. So if your point guard is not demanding … Continue reading

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On guarding Carmelo Anthony: “I just tried to contest everything he shoots. I knew he was going to get his attempts up, and I just wanted to make sure I had a hand up before he goes up instead of … Continue reading

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“We could be better. Every season presents its ups and downs, and we’re no different than that, when you’re trying to perfect your craft. We’re a hard-working group, a young group, a group that wants to be better. So we’ve … Continue reading

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