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“The most important position in the game today is the point guard position, that’s the coach on the floor. That’s the guy that has to get everyone rallying in the right position. So if your point guard is not demanding and is not accountable and is holding everyone else accountable, your team is going to struggle.”


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On guarding Carmelo Anthony:

“I just tried to contest everything he shoots. I knew he was going to get his attempts up, and I just wanted to make sure I had a hand up before he goes up instead of after he released it. With a guy like that it’s tough because he has so much to his game, so I just tried to keep a hand up at all times.’’


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“We could be better. Every season presents its ups and downs, and we’re no different than that, when you’re trying to perfect your craft. We’re a hard-working group, a young group, a group that wants to be better. So we’ve got pluses and minuses, just like anybody else.  Every year is different. I could sit here and make up a bunch of excuses, but at the end of the day it’s about playing and executing. We’re trying to get better at executing. We’re a younger team, not that much experience, but the fight we [have] gives us a chance to win every night. I want to say yeah we can turn it around, and I hope so, but it’s about the work you put in.’’


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“It’s changing attitudes, it’s getting everyone to buy in, it’s getting everybody to believe and trusting each other. You hear all coaches talk about team, and it’s not easy to get going, especially with a more veteran team when all the players have had success doing it their own way. To then get them to do it a little bit different for the group, and make sacrifices for the group is always difficult.” 


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“Whatever the situation is, I’m going to do it. I’m a coachable guy, I’m not a selfish guy, so whatever we do, as long as it works, guys will be for it.”


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On the San Antonio Spurs:

“Everybody knows everybody … the way they backdoor [cut], pass the ball, share the ball, defend, that’s where we’re trying to get.”


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“It’s like it was at those times in high school and college then when I had to sit back and evaluate and be a role player, but always staying prepared to play — you never know when your name’s going to be called. It’s always tough as a competitor to be waiting, but I can’t let that stop me from working hard.”


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