Great story on a ball player who will not give up…

“I trained my butt off and went in there with confidence. I didn’t have my head down saying, ‘Man, I don’t know’. I went in there and gave it my all. No weakness. No backing down. I just kept going.”



We’re just looking to get better every day whether it’s preseason, regular season, looking to go out, play hard defense, play together every single game whether its preseason or regular season. Those are the most important things.


“I’m so far past that,” he said of his 2012 run as a New York Knick. “From the outside, really during the season, I don’t read anything, tweets or comments or articles or what this commentator said. So expectations are going to be the same for me.and I’m going to go in and keep my mind right. play for God and I think the last couple of years, I’ve been able to live with the results.
“I played, I think, the right way and that’s the way I want to play in Brooklyn.”