Popovich was asked if he ever sees qualities in a player he coaches against that make him think the player could become a coach someday:
“I think it has to do with what kind of people they are. How interested they are in the game. How much they study it. What their relationships to other people are like. Do they command respect? Are they leaders? All of those things go into figuring out whether a player is cut out to be a coach. They have to be goofy enough to want to do it. It’s a stupid job.”


“They continue to play basketball the right way and play all 48 (minutes). They just try to find a way to get the best shot each and every time and I think with their record it shows why they’re so good and why they’ve had so much longevity. They just play the right way, continue to protect each other on defense and try to make easy shots for their teammates on offense.”


“You have to be ready at all times. That’s kind of how my career has always gone, my first two years (in Sacramento) not knowing when I was going to play. Anything can change in one game. In a split second, you can go from not playing to playing.”

McCallum, in the past nine days has either been assigned to or recalled from Austin.

“I’m just using it as an opportunity to play,” McCallum said of his D-League experience. “That’s what it’s there for. I’m going there and getting some games under my belt for times like today. I’m using the Austin team as chance to play a lot of minutes and keep my game sharp. Hopefully it translates to when I get my name called here.”