Following the Bulls loss to the Clippers:

“We let guys do whatever they wanted out there. I know we have to start winning; can’t keep waiting. The time is now. No answers. I don’t know why we do it (inconsistency). It’s everybody, not one person more than the other. We all have to bring it from the jump. Continue to play the right way and start winning these games. Not putting bodies on people, or rebounding and guys getting to their strengths; that’s the will. Defense is all about toughness; we’re not guarding, so we don’t look tough.”


On new assistant coach Mike Longabardi:

“Well, Coach Lue, he wants us to defend but he’s not the voice of our defense. Coach Longo (Mike Longabardi), he’s our defensive coordinator. He gives us the game plan. Coach Lue definitely makes his inputs throughout the course of the game, if he wants to change on a game-to-game basis or throughout the game, but our game plan comes from our defensive coordinator and whatever he wants to do, we’re able to learn on the fly. He’s very detailed and we’re happy to have him.


“You do need great players to win the championship, but having to always chase the best talent in free agency eventually becomes a mind-set of, well, the best talent wins as opposed to who plays the best team basketball. We’re not going to punch all the right buttons in the process of doing this. But we’re looking for multiple talents, drive, intelligence, guys that will play defense.”


Taken from:
So what does Bach tell the players he wants to see on defense? It is a variety of things, enough to give a nightmare to the dreamer.
He says he wants to see his team play together with the unity of an amoeba sliding and creeping back and forth. He wants to see his team play defense like an accordion, “constricting at one moment and then with the ability to spring back out. New York did that better than anyone this year.”
But mostly he wants them to be Dobermans.
“I like them, they’re great attack dogs, I started calling our guys that to give them some identity. I like it when they don’t just guard the property, but go after people, where it’s hard to pull ’em back. I’ve seen it many times. Scottie and Michael and Horace — oh, it’s beautiful!”


“We’ve struggled with dribble penetration. We’ve struggled on close outs and blow-bys. Those are the things that we continue to work on every day and try to get better at, and I think we are improving in those particular areas right there. But if you look at all the really good defensive teams, you think of Golden State, San Antonio, some of the other teams, Miami, the one thing that they do is that they’re all connected. They have five guys that are connected. They have five guys who are all moving at once. They have five guys that have each other’s backs. That’s where we have to get to as a team in order to be good defensively. We’ve got to become a good defensive team that has the ability to cover for each other when there are mistakes made.”