Following a loss to the Indiana Pacers:

“It was like five or six straight plays of being soft. Soft on getting back on defense, soft on rebounding and getting an outlet pass, just soft. We’ve just got to have a little bit more fight. There’s just not enough fight out there. There’s just not enough.”


Following his 11th triple-double of the season:

“As long as I play the right way and be unselfish and we win games, all that is going to come. I don’t think about it too much. If it happens, it happens and the most important thing is winning and it’s been a total turnaround from last year to this year … so (win) and great things will come.”


After a 25-point loss to the Golden State Warriors:

“We have to have consistent effort, consistent energy. We have to be able to go out tomorrow and start, hopefully, a slew of games where we can be consistent. It’s our effort, our consistency we have to work on. We go from having a great effort to a medium effort. We go from a great concentration to poor concentration. We have to shore that up.  I always felt as a player it was your job to bring your effort. It doesn’t mean the ball is going to go in. It doesn’t mean the pass is going to be perfect, doesn’t mean every defensive assignment is going to go your way. Everything we do there seems to be a definite link between things going well offensively and our effort being higher or things not going well for us offensively and our effort not being good. You can’t be so fragile that your effort depends on if the ball goes in or not.”


It was a life-changing experience to play for Coach McHale. He taught me to play the game the right way. I have tried to bring that with me here.”

From his ex-coach, Kevin McHale:

“I think he played so many good games for us last year. He really gave us a lot of juice in games. He has great energy. Great guy, great team guy. Really a wonderful guy to be around. He just is one of those guys who puts team first, gets it – always attacking, always playing hard. I really enjoyed our time with him here.”


My role remains constant. That’s why whether I come out on the floor whether my name is called in the starting lineup or by coach coming off the bench with time ticking off the clock, it really doesn’t matter. Just go out there, be an energy guy, rebound the ball, look for open spots for an opportunity to score and do what I need to do for the team to win. That’s what I’m all about, the team winning. It’s not about me. It’s about the Rockets.”

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