From Doc Rivers:

“Forget his play. I think if you add a Pablo on your team, your team is better, period, because of everything he represents. He plays the right way, and he is an amazing spirit in our locker room.”



“We’re either going to win it because we earned it or we’re going to lose because they beat us. But we’re not going to play the victim role.”


After a loss to the San Antonio Spurs: (January 4, 2014)

“In the first half we looked more AAU. The ball stuck. I bet half the time it was one pass, shot; one pass, shot.”


“We really kept the game simple. When a guy had an open shot, he took it. When he didn’t, he passed. It’s very difficult to guard when the ball moves as quickly as it did.”


On Ray Allen:

“He’s a pro and he takes care of himself. He’s in just phenomenal shape, and he can run forever. What impressed me the most when we were in Boston was his professionalism and his ability to make big shots. Ray could go 0-for-20 or 20-for-20, and the next day he’d be the first guy in the gym, shooting all of his shots from his exact spots at the exact speed.”

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