1. Wake up every morning with a positive attitude.

2. Fine tune your engine: Get Running…

3. Be coachable, don’t be someone who is a distraction! Be a player a coach wants to coach. Know that your coach is trying to help you when they push you to be your best.

4. Be a teammate your teammates want to play with.

5. Find the best competition to play against. Go against older and better players. To be the best you must challenge yourself.

6. Build your game: Develop your offense…Practice dribbling and shooting.

7. Build your game II: Get defensive…Work on your defense.

8. Study the game of basketball: History and present…Respect the game.

9. Get stronger: Lift weights…

10. Keep your head straight when you feel adversity sinking in. Don’t let minor things bother you. Feed your mind all day long with positive thoughts.

11. Don’t have a huge ego and don’t brag. Treat people with respect.

12. Know where you are going: Have a plan…

13. If it is to be, it is up to me.


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