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On what makes a good leader?

“I think what makes a good leader is the ability to not only lead but listen. Listen to what everybody else has to say, their opinions, and then giving yours and coming up with a solution. That’s the biggest thing about being a leader, and those are the things I’m trying to acquire and learn.”


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“I study everybody. I watch basketball because I love to watch it. I try my best to learn the little things.”


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On Victor Oladipo:

“Already, I’m a big fan of his game. I’m always a fan of guys that like to play both sides of the ball, and he takes every possession [seriously], whether it’s offensively or defensively. He’s a part of every possession, and he plays the game the right way.”


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On Orlando Magic rookie, Victor Oladipo:

“I think he’s a tremendous player, a guy that brings so much to an organization. He’s a great kid off the floor. Just humble, hard-working. He loves the game of basketball. Of course, on the court, he plays so hard. He just plays to win. He plays team basketball and plays to win.”


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On Victor Oladipo:

“The great thing about Victor is that he’s not worried about being cool. You take for example, Carmelo (Anthony) is going to dunk the basketball in New York, but there is no hesitation from Victor. He’s goes up and blocks the shot. And if he gets dunked on, he’s on some channel the next day, but who cares? He cares about what’s best for his team. I love that about him and I hope it continues.’’


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