Assists to turnovers (playoff edition)

As of Sunday morning, 10:25 eastern standard time…

1-Boston Celtics: 27 assists/11 turnovers per game.

2-Golden State Warriors: 27 assists/12 turnovers per game.

Always play the right way…

-Coach Finamore



The fantastic writer, J.R. Moehringer once said, “Life is all a matter of choosing which voices to tune in and which to tune out.” He hit the nail on the head.

If you’re a basketball fan you have an opportunity to listen to many basketball analysts. TNT, ESPN and NBA TV are the three main networks.  There’s pre-game shows, half-time shows and of course, post-game shows.  My favorite is TNT.  I love Shaq, Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley.  These guys are awesome – love listening to them break it down.

Yesterday afternoon Smith, the former Archbishop Molloy Stanner said “the Clippers are championship or bust.” Then he added that they cant win the championship without Blake Griffin who is out of action the rest of the playoffs.

Kenny the Jet also mentioned how Rajon Rondo, another guy who has been hurt for the Bulls is always looking for teammates on the break and that those teammates running the floor know he is looking for them. My thing is point guards should ALWAYS look for their teammates.

On ESPN, Jalen Rose and Chauncey Billups mentioned, “playing the right way.’

Whatever happened to sideline reporter Cheryl Miller?

By the way, “The Jet” was talking about the Toronto Raptors defense and he mentioned, “drive-by’s.” Yo Jet, with you being from Queens, you better not use that term again, instead use Bill Raftery’s favorite, “blow-by’s.”

I miss reading Peter Vecsey; but he is on Twitter. He tweets good stuff.  By far Vecsey was the best basketball writer of all-time. Bob Ryan is a close second. We read PV’s column religiously.

I happen to notice a few NBA basketball players have been wearing headphones while they are out on the court shooting before the actual lay-up line. What’s up with that?

Rule change: When a basketball player dives on the floor for a 50-50 ball they should be able to get up on their feet and dribble.

Rule change II: (High school and college) When there is a jump-ball called during the game, let’s jump it up. Toss the ball up and battle for it.

“Shaqtin a Fool” is a great segment on TNT.

Dwight Howard, before yesterday’s game came in scoring 6 points per game for the first two games. Shaq said, “that’s embarrassing.”

Best starting back-court in the playoffs? Warriors, Wizards or Blazers?

The game has gone global; many international players doing well in the playoffs. I love the way these guys play.

Speaking of international players, I love Giannis Antetokounmpo, AKA, “The Greek Freak.” When he is on the move with the ball, he reminds me a little of Julius Erving and Connie Hawkins.

Marc Gasol shooting 3’s, atta boy!

Speaking of 3’s, the Hawks and Wizards are not shooting the ball well.  Atlanta is 20-70 from distance (.286) and the Wizards are 22-79 (.278). Compare that to the Cavaliers and Pacers, Cleveland is 45-103 from way downtown (.437) and Indiana is 35-85 (.412).

During travel team basketball this weekend there’s many highlights of slam dunks making their way to the internet. Can we get a clip of one kid cutting back-door for a layup? I’ll even take a few passes around the horn by one team.

The Toronto Raptors dish out 16.5 assists per game against the Bucks. They also turn the ball over 16.1 per game. Not a good ratio but the good thing is, series is tied at two.

San Antonio Spurs average just 15.5 assists per game. They turn it over 11.0 per game. Not good.

Best at sharing the ball in the playoffs? Celtics are a +15 (29 assists to 14 turnovers) Warriors +14 (27 assists to 13 turnovers) Cavaliers +10 (22 assists to 12 turnovers).

Hit the open man…

Did you see John Wall’s behind-the-back move and the dunk for the finish? You-tube it. And when someone gets dunked on, you can’t say, “he put him on a poster.” Have to say, “he you-tubed him.”

Doris Burke on Michael Conley, “he plays the right way.”  I love Conley’s game. Thanks Doris for mentioning PTRW.

In 26 playoff games so far the team who has made the most 3’s has won 13 games. So, is the made three point shot that important? It is to some teams.

LeBron James leads all players in assists per game for the playoffs. The King dishes out 10.7 per followed by Chris Paul and Russell Westbrook with 10.3. John Wall checks in next with 10.0 a game.

The “ref you suck” chant has to go. Classless. It’s weak too. These guys are doing the best they can, it’s not easy.

Manu Ginobili is struggling from distance; 0-15 in the playoffs.

Kawhi Leonard was amazing last night, at both ends of the floor.

Sideline reporter to Marc Gasol after his winning basket in OT. “Walk me through the last play.”

The Golden State Warriors won last night, 119-113 taking a 3-0 series lead over the Blazers. Get well Steve Kerr…

I wish Bill Walton was working the NBA playoffs.

Thanks for reading and always play the right way.


Cavaliers 117  Pacers 111 (Cleveland leads series 2-0)

Irving, Love and LeBron lead the way.  Series shifts to Indy.

Cavaliers 19 assists 18 turnovers (13-31 Three-Point FG 41%)

Pacers 23 assists  13 turnovers (8-20 Three-Point FG 40%)

Spurs 96 Grizzlies 82 (San Antonio leads series 2-0)

Memphis head coach David Fizdale was upset afterwards about the officiating. His beef is on-line. Go ahead and Google. Series moves to Memphis. 

Spurs 14 assists 14 turnovers (9-23 Three-Point FG 39%)

Grizzlies 19 assists 8 turnovers (7-27 Three-Point FG 26%)