“Now when I’m out there, I’m not gonna give them any reason to take me out of the game. Just play hard on both ends of the floor; just try to make plays, make things happen, change the game. I’ve been in this league long enough to know that’s just how it goes sometimes. It’s up and down. I just had to keep working, I knew it would turn around eventually and it did. I’ve just gotta keep going out there and just playing every night.”


On not playing as much early on as other players in his draft class:

“I think it’s a humbling experience because it just shows you have to be patient sometimes. Things aren’t always going to go your way. As an organization, from their standpoint, they’re trying to see how you’re going to react because everything is not always going to be sugar and sweet, not going to always be great. There’s going to be injuries and times when you don’t play well because it’s 82 games in seven months. I think it was a good test for me and I came out and rose above it.”


“My main thing when I got here was: What can I do to make things easier for everybody? I’m playing with a lot of great players and I’m just trying to do whatever I can on the floor to help everybody else out.”

From LaMarcus Aldridge

“He’s so unselfish and it just rubs off on everybody. The fact that he goes out every night and doesn’t care about shots and things like that, it just makes guys play harder and want to be like him. He’s definitely the key to the chemistry in our starting lineup, because he doesn’t care about shots or even stats, he just wants to win.”