From Brian Shaw:

“He’s a guy that competes every minute that he’s out there on the floor. And even though he’s the smallest guy on our team, he’s probably the toughest guy on our team. Just in terms of the physicality that he plays with, and the passion that he plays with when he’s out there on the floor.”


“Coach Thibodeau is awesome. He’s on me all the time, which I love because that means he cares and he wants me to get better and help these guys bring energy. He just molded my game to be more of a floor general and be more of a leader.”


“You’ve got to want it. You can’t be afraid. You’ve got to not be afraid to succeed. You’ve got to be unafraid to fail. You’ve got to go for it. I’m like what Babe Ruth said: ‘Each time I go to the plate, I’m swinging for a home run.’ “

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