On J.R. Smith:

“I expect J.R. to be a pro and concentrate on playing basketball. That’s why he’s wearing a Knick uniform. That’s any guy on this team. It’s a privilege to play in this league. You got to do all the necessary things, the right things on and off the court to be a pro in this league. I don’t take coaching for granted. I don’t think any player should take it for granted. When he’s in uniform, his job is to play. When he’s out of uniform, his job is to concentrate on being a pro and playing basketball. It’s as simple as that.”


On the New York Knicks:

“It’s my job to push these guys, and I’m going to continue to do that.  I wasn’t happy [Saturday] with the effort.  If you’re in uniform and you suit up, I expect you to play at a high level. It doesn’t matter who plays, it’s what you do with the minutes when you’re out there. When guys are missing block-outs, when we’re giving up layups because we’re not protecting one another from a defensive standpoint, that is all effort plays.  “[Effort] is part of the issue.”


“I’m not going to deal with guys with bad egos. If there’s a problem, they got to go. I don’t owe anybody minutes. I’m trying to win games. It’s all about winning.’’


“It’s not a matter of who starts, it’s what you do with the minutes that you’re in there. That’s the message I’m sending everybody on the team. You got to give productive minutes on the floor if you want to play.’’

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