From Klay Thompson:

“I look at a guy like Manu Ginobili who came off the bench almost his entire career. Never averaged more than 20 points a game, but he’s a four-time champion, you know? He could have easily been on another team and averaged 25 a game, but he sacrificed to win, and that’s what I expect to do next year. I don’t care about averaging 25 or even 20. I just want to finish it out and get back to the Finals and enjoy that ride.”



I’ve been holding off on final days of the 90 Day Basketball Improvement Plan…I hate to see all good things end. The feedback has been great, thanks to all who have taken the time to write.

Day 84 – Take a Charge

For the last couple of days I have seen great players step in and take a charge to help their team. Manu Ginobili of the San Antonio Spurs stepped in the lane last night against the Denver Nuggets on Carmelo Anthony and drew the game-winning charge.  Here’s the clip from last night.

One of my top players has taken 2 charges in our first two games…I am so proud of him.

Drawing a charge on defense seems to be a lost art.  Why more players don’t step up puzzles me.

It takes a special player to want to give up their body for the good of the team.

It takes courage, toughness and ability; the ability to set your feet, and know exactly when to step in.

Seems like Phil Jackson of the LA Lakers rewards his players when they take a charge.

The charge-taking competition, however, has yet to involve Ron Artest, who said he learned from growing up on the New York playgrounds, that when you take a charge, fall and then call an offensive foul, well, bad things — like serious bodily harm — can happen.

“I don’t even know how to take a charge,” he said. “To get the charge you have to fall. I’d rather not fall. You call an offensive foul, possibly be a fight. That’s just how we grew up playing basketball.”

I wish more players would step up and draw a charge.

“What I try to do on defense is make the offensive man do not what he wants but what I want…Defense is hard work because it is unnatural.  Defense is a science…You have to fight the natural tendencies and do things naturally that aren’t natural.”

Bill Russell

(Gilbert Rogin, “We’re Grown Men Playing a Child’s Game,” Sports Illustrated, Nov 18, 1963  p75)


-Coach Finamore

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