On the San Antonio Spurs: 

“They move the ball. They care less about scoring; they play together as a team. They have go-to players but they hardly ever use them because they move the ball so well and they play as a team, so they’re hard to guard.”



“It all starts with character and purpose and getting your head right. Like, ‘I’m not getting that rebound to lead the league in rebounding, I’m getting that rebound because the team needs that from me to win.’ Those are two totally different frames of mind, and when kids buy into that and get away from their goals and get into purpose, that’s the only time it opens up their mind to really understand the game.

“It’s, ‘How can I make this team better?’ At that point only will you ever get an IQ. You know, anybody that’s wrapped up in themselves is going to make a very small package.”