“Once you have a whole group on the same page, each individual tends to play better.”

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich:  “He doesn’t have a chip on his shoulder or trying to make a statement, he’s just playing. He’s getting better all the time, and getting more confident. We’re getting him more and more room, and you’re seeing a young player blossom.”

More from Pop: “He stole it from Curry the other night, just took it from him and went down and dunked it, and his expression did not change. He didn’t raise his fist or look cool to the crowd or do any of this stupid-ass stuff. He didn’t do a thing. He just goes the other direction, like he’s bored to death. I love that about him.”

Tim Duncan on his teammate: “He’s not doing it the wrong way. He’s taking great shots and continuing to be unselfish, but he’s absolutely being aggressive. That’s what we need from him.”


Following a loss in Game 4 of the western conference finals.

“We’ve got to play smarter against such great athletes … small margin of error, and you’d better be smart the way you play. And I think we have to play harder. I think they’re playing more physically than we are. They’re still getting more 50-50 balls and playing with more determination than we did.”


On the Western Conference finals:

It’s the conference finals and players step up and play well and that’s basically what it’s about. Everybody’s going to have energy and passion and those sort of things. But execution over those 48 minutes is what it’s all about, to make sure you don’t have too many dry possessions offensively, to make sure defensively everyone is on track and communicating.”