Thanks to my friend Ray L. for the assist. Coach Van Gundy’s “10 Coaching Lessons.” Via Pat Williams’ new book, “NBA List Jam.”

1-Defense wins.

2-You will always be criticized. Do not expect universal love or agreement. You will never satisfy everyone – players, fans, media. Don’t try. Do what you think is right, develop a thick skin.

3-Preparation pays off.

4-Be demanding. Demand performance, not talk. Push each person to be the best he can be. Everyone can learn and improve. When winning, never accept anything you would not accept when losing.


6-Winning is important. Learn from losing but never like it. Everyone in the program must focus on winning.

7-Be completely honest.

8-Work hard. This is a staple of success. There is no limit to how hard one can work. Working harder can overcome a lot of deficiencies.

9-Trust your gut. Thoughtfully formulate a sound coaching philosophy – offense, defense, discipline, motivation – to guide you. When push comes to shove, always confidently put your trust in your instincts.

10-Be yourself.