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Posted in Basketball, Bill Van Gundy with tags on October 19, 2013 by Red

Thanks to my friend Ray L. for the assist. Coach Van Gundy’s “10 Coaching Lessons.” Via Pat Williams’ new book, “NBA List Jam.”

1-Defense wins.

2-You will always be criticized. Do not expect universal love or agreement. You will never satisfy everyone – players, fans, media. Don’t try. Do what you think is right, develop a thick skin.

3-Preparation pays off.

4-Be demanding. Demand performance, not talk. Push each person to be the best he can be. Everyone can learn and improve. When winning, never accept anything you would not accept when losing.


6-Winning is important. Learn from losing but never like it. Everyone in the program must focus on winning.

7-Be completely honest.

8-Work hard. This is a staple of success. There is no limit to how hard one can work. Working harder can overcome a lot of deficiencies.

9-Trust your gut. Thoughtfully formulate a sound coaching philosophy – offense, defense, discipline, motivation – to guide you. When push comes to shove, always confidently put your trust in your instincts.

10-Be yourself.


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