Focus: By Andre Iguodala…

“I think you have to build that culture, and if your leaders have focus, and if you have some veteran pieces, it trickles down to the rest of your team. We try to keep everything in perspective. Individual goals will come with team success. You need to have your five or six top guys understand that culture. Then, when you go out into free agency, you’re conscious of getting guys who fit in.

“Talent is great, but when you have talent, you have a tendency to get away from the small things that the hard workers do, and those usually are the not-so-talented guys. So you need guys overall who are very professional, locked into what they’re doing and have that focus.”



What they’re saying:

“He’s tenacious. It starts with a level of pride and intensity.” -Quin Snyder

“He’s just trying to be the best basketball player he can be. That encompasses playing both ends of the floor.” -Gregg Popovich

“He’s probably the best two-way player in the league now. You have to deal with him in all kinds of different ways.” -Steve Kerr

“He’s tough, ready for any challenge. He has that competitiveness about him, which is really good. You don’t see that as much in new-age players. They’re more concerned with their image or anything else surrounding the game.
He’s just all about playing ball, doesn’t really care what’s going on outside.”
-Andre Iguodala