On the play of the point guard:

“There’s a lot of things that go into being a point guard. You have to understand how you play but you also have to understand what everyone else needs. And you have to play at both ends.”


On lay-ups:

“We worked on all the different ways to make layups. We’re working against pads and contact. I’m not big about practicing fouling, but for a couple of minutes there was some of that, that they have to play through. There’s a lot of contact at the basket. You have to keep your concentration high, your fundamentals high. You’ve got to use the backboard. And, for us, it’s taking one more dribble. What you can’t do is throw the ball at the backboard or the rim and hope it goes in.”

“You never know what play will win it for you, that’s why you put so much into every possession.”

“Shots are hard to get, they’re harder to make, and it stands out when don’t make them. That’s the epitome of the league – games are so close and closely contested. We’ve only had one game that didn’t come down to one or two possessions (the 73-56 loss to Michigan State at Assembly Hall).  You’ve got to have confidence, energy and play through mistakes. So much of it is being able to have a short memory and move on to the next thing. You don’t dwell on the last success or the last failure. You move forward.”