On Saturday I watched a lot of basketball on television. College and pro games all over the place. Some good play, some not so good. But it’s all good. You know if you have ever played or coached, good and bad comes and goes throughout the course of the game.

One thing that is certain, when you play basketball, you better be selfless. It’s all about playing the right way.

Last night watching Knicks-Nets there were two possessions that stood out for me. The Knicks were down 10, six and change to go in the game. Julius Randle on the break, pushed it up and hit Quentin Grimes on the left wing. Soon as he caught the ball, he jacked up a long 3. Standing in the left corner was his wide-open teammate Immanuel Quickley. Grimes missed the shot, luckily for him Randle grabbed the offensive rebound and put it back up for two. Quickley looked mad.

The Nets, with three minutes to go, up 3, in their half-court offense, Kyrie Irving went to the left corner with the ball, kicked it cross court to an open Joe Harris who, instead of jacking up a 3, hit his teammate Seth Curry wide open in the right corner for a knock-down 3.

Would love to be sitting in the Knicks and Nets film session this morning hearing what they have to say about these two plays.

Hit the open man. Share the ball. Be a selfless teammate.

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